“Ikaw ang problema ng Pilipinas. At malamang kaya may 1 sa 100, ikaw ang nagbigay ng 1 sa sarili mo bilang ICAD Co-Chairperson” — TV5 host on Robredo

An indignant TV5 host and lawyer Bruce Rivera slammed VP Leni Robredo on Facebook for giving a Grade of 1 out 100 grade to Duterte admin in relation to its anti-dr*g w@r campaign.

Rivera opened the FB post asking Robredo if he heard it right that ICAD and Duterte’s war on dr*gs is a dismal FAILURE???

Rivera asked Robredo if the neurons in her brain is working properly? Or they are just sediments after inhaling too much leaves of eucalyptus from the burning forest in Australia? Rivera joked that the smoke is too far and yet it reached the lone brain cell responsible for storing the logic of Robredo’s brain.

Rivera, who was clearly in disbelief of Robredo’s 1/100 grade reminded Robredo that her job is to improve the programs of ICAD. Besides, she is not a member of the evaluating committee whose job is to give grades. That is the job of her Boss. Rivera asked Robredo who gave her the job? Rivera answered it was PRRD and the Filipinos gave PRRD the job. Rivera said that PRRD’s approval rating is very high. The job of Robredo is to replace the President in the event he can no longer carry out his duties and responsibilities as President. The job that Robredo has failed to do because she is too busy as the leader of the Opposition.

Rivera commented that Robredo has no right to give grades. Rivera asked in jest where was Robredo’s class records as basis for the 1/100 grade? Rivera quizzed Robredo if she just pulled the numbers out of her imagination just the figures she talked in UN (United Nation)?

Rivera said Robredo is indeed a useless VP. None. Rivera wondered why Robredo has eyebags…when she has not been burning the midnight candle thinking of solutions to the Philippines problems.

Speaking of problems, Rivera it is Robredo who is the problem of the Philippines. Rivera reasoned why there is such a thing as 1/100 because she gave herself that grade as ICAD co-chairperson.

Rivera ended the FB post telling netizens why the Philippines is lagging behind in education and that’s because the VP, not her VP, knows nothing but BYOG or Bring your own grades type.

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Source: Bruce Rivera

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