“I’m not afraid to die.” — President Duterte’s response if he will stop shaking hands as per PSG’s advice, earns him praises from netizens

In a Facebook post titled “PROFESSIONALISM“, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu shared a portion of President Duterte’s Q & A with local media.

Basically, the conversation revolved around President Duterte’s response to the question if he will stop shaking hands as per advice by the PSG.

Like in past interviews when the media asked President Duterte why he would insist on hopping on a helicopter or a plane despite the the bad weather to visit calamity-stricken Filipinos, the President said he will not stop shaking hands because he is not afraid to die. You may continue reading below to get the gist of Krizette Chu’s post.

Media: SIR, you were told by the PSG to stop shaking hands but you shook the hands of your Cabinet members?

Duterte: I’m not afraid to die. I have already achieved the highest one can achieve— Presidente na ako ng Pilipinas. Ok naman na ang mga anak ko.

Media: Even your partner HONEYLET wants you to stop doing public appearances.

Duterte: But this is my job. Trabaho ko ito.
I am not going to decline invitations. I am going to shake hands. I am going to Mindanao to visit my soldiers. Namatayan ako. Tatlong sundalo ko. Kailangan ko puntahan.

The President’s professionalism as described by Ms. Chu, as always elicited positive reactions from netizens.

One netizen commented that remark like this from the President make him sad. “Every time nakakabasa ako ng ganito, nalulungkot ako. Why does one man have to have a monopoly of having a good heart. Why can’t other politicians be like him. Yung recent stunt nung Senate essentially railroading ABS’s franchise renewal eh nakakalungkot because that is not what politicians should be prioritizing.

I can only wish that God gives this man more years because I think he’s once in a lifetime. If we can’t turn the country around with him, it might be a while before we can find someone like him again.”

This netizen said that hearing words like this from President Duterte is the reason why she loves him. “I love Pres Duterte… 💓💓
my kilala po ako, dating presidente ng Pinas, 44 ang namatay sa SAF nya pero deadma ang abnoy.. 🤦🏽‍♀️😏”

Another netizen asked the President to be extra careful. She dreads the thought of Leni taking his place as President. “Naku pls Mr. President, pls take extra care of yourself. What will become of us if you fall ill and then die? I can’t bear the thought of you leaving us with our fake VP gladly taking your place.”

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Source: Krizette Chu

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