In 1998, Imelda Marcos predicted the Sabah conflict; China will take the Spratly’s from us

Many young voters today are not aware that in 1998, Imelda Marcos ran for President but before election day arrived, she dropped her Presidential bid.

However, she appeared in a few Presidential debates like the rest of the Presidential candidates and spoke about her platform of governance during the initial days of the campaign period.

In one of her speeches during the 1998 campaign, Imelda Marcos already predicted the South China Sea dispute and the Sabah conflict.

She began her speech, by declaring that she was running for the Presidency because the Philippine sovereignty is endangered. She continued that the Cory Constitution surreptitiously deleted the historical and legal rights to our territories. Hence, endangering the sovereignty of our country.

In 1998, Imelda Marcos already foretold that the South China Sea was a potential flashpoint for conflict due to the Spratly Islands. Imelda Marcos cited the book, ‘The Dragon Strikes’ that tells of a horrible war as a result of the territorial dispute in the South China Sea and in Sabah due to oil and natural resources. Check out the book in

Dragon Strikes

Dragon Strikes- Simon Holberton

The audience looked bored and seemed oblivious of Imelda Marcos warning. Fast forward today, Imelda Marcos must have felt vindicated that what she was telling them several years ago were all right on target. At the same time, it must have been frustrating that what she fought for all those years fell on deaf ears.

Please watch the video now and see if Imelda Marcos was lying or not.

Ipinaglaban ni Imelda Marcos ang Spratly's pero wala silang pake.

Tulungan nyo po sana kaming I-share ang video na ito.Sa lahat ng Pilipino na Ipinaglalaban ang West Philippine Sea at Sabah panoorin nyo sana maigi ang Video na ito. 1998 pa ang video na ito. Tumakbong Pagka-Presidente si Imelda Marcos at ang kanyang Plataporma ay ang magfocus sa West Philippine Sea, Spratlys Islands, Sabah at National sovereignty ng Pilipinas.Ngunit ang mga manonood ay parang walang pakialam at na-boboring sa mga sinasabi ni Imelda, dahil wala daw itong katotohanan at malabong ngayon 2015 na, sinasakop na tayo ng China? tama ba nga si Imelda Marcos o hindi? Alam talaga ni Ferdinand Marcos at kanyang pamilya na ang West Philippine Sea magiging problema ng bansa sa hinaharap.MAHIRAP TALAGA KUNG ANG ISANG LEADER AY FUTURISTIC o ADVANCE, HINDI MAKAKAGETS ANG MGA BOBOTANTE.

Posted by Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos on Saturday, October 17, 2015

What do you want to say to our leaders who did not heed Imelda Marcos’ warning then?


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