In Baguio, honesty is a way of life for taxi drivers. Agree? Or disagree? Read to find out why!

“How often have we read about taxi drivers in Baguio doing an honest deed and returning valuables to their rightful owners?” the netizen asked to start his post.

On January 21, 2017, Trent, an Australian friend of the sharer hailed a taxi cab and completely forgot about his luggage when he alighted from the cab at Calle Uno Coworking Space.

The netizen continued: “It took a full thirty minutes before Trent realized his mistake, and all he could remember about the taxi was that ‘it was white’.” 

Trent’s “passport, Macbook Pro, money, everything was in there!” the netizen revealed.

According to him, “never did Trent pray so hard that the news accounts of Baguio City’s taxi driver’s collective honesty was true. But it was!”

“Just as they were leaving for the police station to file a report, Trent’s taxi pulled in,” the post said.

“Never was a sight more welcome than the smiling face of this driver. What an awesome win for humanity!” the netizen exclaimed.

“Mr. Reggie Cabututan, driver of Dustin Brant Taxi, you are the finest of your tribe. I have never felt more proud to be Filipino than today,” the netizen wrote with a sense of pride.

The netizen, Ace Estrada, who shared the feel good story is the author of the book “Startup Start Now!”

Mr. Estrada’s post about Mr. Cabututan’s honesty quickly gathered steam after netizens found the story worth their while to share.

As of this writing, the post has gathered 23,614 reactions, 4,104 shares and 1,600 comments on Facebook.

Before long, Mr. Cabututan’s good deed reached the Office of the Mayor of Baguio City and word got around he is invited to attend Monday’s flag ceremony to be given a plaque of recognition for his honesty.

“Trent Shields, who was already at the airport this afternoon, forfeited his flight and retrieved his luggage from the plane. He is now on a bus, traveling back to Baguio, to witness the ceremony,” Mr. Estrada announced on Facebook.

“This story is not the first one about Filipino honesty, and certainly it will not be the last. Still, it has gone viral within 48 hours, with 640,000 people reached, 21,000 likes, 3,700 shares, 1,500 comments, and still counting. Perhaps this is because honesty is the best, the most noble, of all human values–and it is always deeply inspiring,” Mr. Estrada wrote.

And the latest word?

“Vivixx Academy of Baguio and Coder Factory Academy of Australia has decided to award Trent’s honest taxi driver with a Certificate of Scholarship, valued at Two Hundred Twenty Thousand Pesos (P220,000.00), to the six-month Coding Boot Camp that will kick off in June 2017,” Mr Estrada announced the good news.  “When he completes the course, he is guaranteed an internship with an Australian company, leading to a job that will pay him a starting salary of up to 1.7 Million Pesos per year,” Mr. Estrada broke the good news.

Have you encountered an honest taxi driver at some point in your life? If yes, please share it with us and let us see what we can do.


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