In case you have some doubts about Kris Aquino texting Duterte to spare Pnoy from going to prison, watch this!

On February 6, 2017, Duterte delivered a speech in Pasay City and vintage Digong covered a lot of topics including Kris Aquino’s text asking him not to jail Pnoy.

In the speech, Duterte touched on the Mamasapano incident and talked about the nagging question on his mind why the military did not send our air assets to support the beleaguered troops in the ground.

He said that as Mayor he knows the deployment of our air assets and went on to recite the name of places like Awang, Cotabato, Gen.San and Davao. He said there was fighting whole day and yet, no deployment of our air assets was given to rescue our beleaguered troops.

At this juncture, Kris Aquino’s name entered the conversation.

Si Kris nagtext, wag mo naman ipakulong si (silence).

This what Duterte told Kris: “No Kris, I am not out to find fault. I just want to know the truth. It could be nice to hear or not pleasing. Almost one day of fighting, bakit ni isang chopper na may rocket at pumunta doon just to or the M60’s on both sides, magamit mo yan for sweeping. Yun lang. Yuna lang ang tanong ko. Di na magtatanong, sino ang mali sino ang nakatanggap ng____”

Kris’ text couldn’t stopped the netizens from playing the speculation game.


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