In-depth analysis of the CCTV footage suggests NAIA staff is indeed lying!


In the news report filed recently by Bandila reporter Ryan Chua, it appears that the three NAIA personnel are lying through their teeth contrary to the report filed by Kara David of 24 Oras.

In the beginning of the video, the OFW Elyn Casim went through body inspection with her backpack which is not allowed by the way. She was told to repeat the process, but this time she was told to put the backpack through the x-ray machine.

When Elyn Casim was through with the x-ray inspection, she forgot to claim her black backpack and left carrying only her luggage.

The black back pack was lying in the x-ray machine for 5 minutes unclaimed until Analiza Monda noticed it, picked it up and place it on top of the x-ray machine.

As if on cue, the baggage inspector Julius Flores took it and put it through the x-ray machine again.

According to the account of Julius Flores (NAIA baggage inspector) when the black backpack emerged from the x-ray machine, a guy claimed that the bag was his.

Based on his account, there was no mention if he bothered to ask questions to establish if the guy was indeed the owner of the black back pack.

The OFW from Kuwait returned just in time to catch up with the guy that the NAIA baggage inspector Julius Flores pointed as the individual who took her bag. So when the OFW gave chase to the guy who supposedly took her black backpack, the baggage inspector Julius Flores took the opportunity TO RETRIEVE A TRAY & A BAG and put it aside.

Meanwhile, Elenita ‘Elyn’ Casim returned disappointed since she knows her bag too well and she recognized right away that the black backpack the guy supposedly took was not hers.

This new piece of information strengthen the belief of the OFW from Kuwait Elenita Casim that indeed her black backpack was stolen.

I want you to watch video now and see for yourself if this report by Ryan Chua destroys the report made earlier by Kara David of 24 Oras.

Are you convince that there is something wrong with the alibis of the NAIA security personnel?

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