In May, 2022, they will take their revenge on you in the ballots – Manila Bulletin writer on flyer-throwing incident in Negros vs BBM caravan

In the wake of the flyers-throwing incident involving some of rowdy supporters of Leni Robredo against BBM and his caravan in Negros, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu remarked that instead of helping Robredo’s presidential bid, this rude behavior will backfire in May 2022 because the Filipinos will take their revenge in the ballots.


Chu cited our telenovela culture and love for the underdog as a big factors why Filipinos will vote for BBM because of how the Kakampinks treat him. The recent incident in Negros is one example.

Chu urged the Kakampinks to continue what they are doing, including cancelling small businesses that are sympathetic to BBM’s presidential bid.

Not only that, Chu also want the Kakampinks to continue throwing shades at Filipinos who have no degree because non-degree holders have no right to become the country’s leader. Stop him from going near our churches. Call him immoral.

Chu believed that if the Kakampinks will continue what they’re doing, the Filipinos will take their revenge big time in the ballots.

You may now read Chu’s original FB post below.

Thanks to our telenovela culture, the Filipino has always rooted for the underdog, the kawawa, the inaapi.

Kaya tapunan nyo pa si BBM nang kung ano ano. Saktan nyo pa. I boo nyo habang nagsasalita. Pag may caravan, harangan nyo pa tapos sigaw sigawan. I cancel niyo ang mga maliliit na negosyo na gusto lang naman sumuporta sa kandidato nila. Insultuhin nyo ang mga trabahador ng Jollibee, 7-11, atbp.

Insultuhin nyo lahat ng walang degree Kasi pag walang degree walang karapatan maging leader. Paalisin niyo pa sa simbahan. Sabihin nyo at tawagin nyong mga immoral.

In May, 2022, they will take their revenge on you in the ballots.

In the meantime, gawa na rin kayo ng group na BASTOS FOR LENI. Yan, dapat yan yung umbrella group ninyo kasi kahit anong profession nyo pwede kayo dyan.


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