In the know: The story behind #LeniLeaks that dooms Loida Lewis ouster plot against Duterte in YahooGroups according to Sass Sasot

Now it can be told! According to Sass Rogando Sasot a tipster alerted her of the existence of a Yahoo Group of Loida Lewis and company on Wednesday, January 4, 2017.

According to the female tipster, she discovered the YahooGroups of Loida Lewis and company. From here, she found out that Loida Lewis’ group paid for the whole page ad last November.

Sasot ignored her in the beginning.

On Thursday, January 5, 2017, the female tipster sent her another message, but it was addressed to TP (Thinking Pinoy).

“And then what caught my attention ay iyong message niya sa akin noong Thursday. Naka-address nga kay TP ang message. Ang sabi sa akin ay: “TP yung concerted effort to attack Duterte Pages ay from Leni’s camp.” Attached are the screenshots of our conversation,” Sasot wrote.

The rest they say is history.




So how did the female tipster discover the YahooGroup of Loida Lewis?

According to the female tipster, a netizen commented on TP’s (Thinking Pinoy) Facebook Page, claiming that the pregnancy doctor Leni mets before flying back to Manila is his/her brother.

Taking the cue from here, she googled the commenter’s name to vet his/her claim and voila, she realized she was following a hot trail.

The commenter, turned out to be a member of the YahooGroup of Loida Lewis and company, discussing their strategies to destabilize and eventually forced Duterte’s resignation.

Here is the photo of a few identified members of the YahooGroups led by Loida Lewis.

Meanwhile, in case you’ve missed the breaking story of Thinking Pinoy on January 6 writing extensively on the topic, Krizette Laureta Chu posted a summary of the said article.

“Para sa walang data or tamad magbasa ng mahaba, this is the summary (But I highly encourage you to read the whole link when able. PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK),” Krizette wrote.

1. After the other side accuses pro Duterte supporters of being part of a well oiled machinery (well oiled daw, tapos sasabihingpalpakang PCO, ano ba talaga), this exposed email thread shows sino sino ang mga members ng PROPAGANDA MOVEMENT ni Leni.

May mga journalists, syempre billionaire, and ang mismong OVP. Well oiled na, well funded pa.

2. TP is exploring/asking lawyers if pwede silang kasuhanng INCITING TO SEDITION dahilsa Oust/Resign Duterte kabulastugangplinaplanonila. May proof nakasi. May email thread na.

3. Loida asked somebody to call her assistant. A certain Ely asked anoangmatutulongna puwede nilang magawa to support Leni’s legal battle.

4. “Take photos of the anti BBM rally so we can release to local media.”
WOW. AS I SAID IN MY POSTS BEFORE, SEEDING! O ano, ano, anoooooo, imagination ko pa rin ba?

5. Tanga sila, hindi marunong mag set to private.


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