In word war between UN Commissioner and Duterte, international community rallies behind Philippine president

After UN High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein said Duterte needs a “psychiatric evaluation”, Duterte’s response draws cheers from international community.

International news channel RT posted an article on its Facebook page bearing Pres. Duterte’s response to Al Hussein while visiting the soldiers in Zamboanga City on Saturday, March 10, 2018.

RT writes:

‘Human rights [people] are dumb; throw them to crocodiles!’ – Duterte

It’s very uplifting to know that Duterte has a a good number of admirers among RT’s international Facebook followers who rallied behind our President while bashing the United Nations.

Myanmar citizen Tascani Lwin says he loves Duterte and says Myanmar needs a leader like him. “We love this man Duterte,BTW we are from Myanmar we need his kind of a man as president in our country and beat the S outta UN 🙋”

American James Sill remarks Duterte should be mayor of Chicago. “Duterte is the best, he should be mayor of Chicago!”

Another American Jason Henson says Duterte is the real deal and dead serious. “I hope the people in the Philippines know how popular he is around the world. Duterte is the real deal, he does not goof around.”

Nigerian Abdul Musa Maikasuwa asks Filipinos to let Nigeria borrow Duterte for two weeks to cleanse their rotten system. “@ Philippines people ! Can you borrow us president DUTERTE just for two weeks down here in Nigeria we need him seriously like oxygen to cleanse our rotten system and clear the remnants of criminals wetting our country he’s so no nonsense uncompromising nonapologistic decisive resilient bold to a fault the world need such serious minded Individuals as leaders.”

Brits Taylan Oran applauds Duterte standing up to UN. “I’m clapping. This man is the real deal. F the UN.”

Swede Andreas MacHaggis Ekengren joins the bash party against the UN. “Well the UN only inflicts their human rights when it suits them after all, look at Catalonia and Scotland.”

American Mario Contreras agrees with Duterte. “True. Take human rights from convicted criminals that have failed all judicial process and strip them from their human rights, then watch crime drop dramatically. All convicted drug dealers=death sentence…”

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