Indignant radio host accuses Rappler, Masbateno writer of being NPA enablers? Find out why!

Radio host Mark Lopez condemned in a strongest possible terms the writer of the opinion piece posted in Rappler exalting the NPAs for apologizing for the murder of Keith and Nolvin Absalon.

“In utter rage, I strongly condemn this supposed opinion piece of a certain MARY ANN ESPINO of Masbate, who wrote a very disturbing exaltation of the New People’s Army because they admitted and apologized for the murder of Keith and Nolvin Absalon.” [Rappler]

“Seriously Miss Espino, you would profess admiration to a terrorist organization because they said sorry to a senseless, violent murder?!!!” Lopez asked.

Lopez was further incensed that the writer of the opinion piece had the temerity to politicize the loss of the life of a fellow Masbateno by doing this to the AFP and PNP?

“And you even have the temerity to politicize the loss of life of your fellow Masbateño, by taking a sly attack on our armed forces and the police?”

“Grabe, tao ka ba talaga?!!!” an indignant Lopez asked the writer.

Lopez asked if that’s how shameless the writer for being proud of the NPA’s fake remorse?

“Ganyan ka kawalanghiya na proud ka pa sa NPA because of their fake act of contrition?”

Lopez stated that the NPAs did not even surrender the Absalon’s killers to the authorities.

“Putres, eh hindi nga nila isinuko yung mga may sala na miembro nila eh?”

Lopez asked just because the NPA issued a lame apology, they are now worthy of praise than our military and policemen?

“Nag bigay ng lame na apology eh mas kahanga hanga na ang mga terorista kesa sa militar at kapulisan natin?!!!”

“WTF?!!!” Lopez uttered the words.

Moving forward, Mark Lopez asked if Rappler is indeed a platform to defend the NPA?

“And ito namang Rappler, talagang platform in defense of the NPA?”

Without mincing his words, Lopez accused Rappler of being an NPA enabler who killed innocent civilians?

“Sa hatred ng management sa government, at sa sobrang woke ng mga staff nyo eh kayo pa talaga ang ENABLER ng mga TERORISTA NA PUMAPATAY NG INOSENTENG PILIPINO?”

Lopez called on Filipinos to remember in their hearts and soul this shameless acts of the opinion writer, Rappler and the NPAs.

“My dear countrymen, nanawagan ako sa inyong lahat na i absorb nyo sa inyong puso, diwa at kaisipan ang sobrang kawalanghiyaan nitong mga itong mga hayup na ito!”

“These are the real enemies of the state. Mga salot!” Lopez remarked.



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