Indonesian translator debunks “The Jakarta Post” claim Duterte gave the go-ahead signal for Veloso’s execution

The Jakarta Post claims Duterte gave the go-ahead signal to President Widodo to execute Mary Jane Veloso but an Indonesian translator says otherwise.

Here’s an excerpt of the statement from The Jakarta Post:

President Duterte has given the go-ahead to proceed with the execution.

Duterte’s no. 1 critic, Senator Leila de Lima quickly jumped into the fray to muddle the issue.

Sen. De Lima, ikinadismaya ang ulat na nagbigay ng 'go signal' si Pres. Duterte sa pagbitay kay Mary Jane Veloso

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Malacanang quickly denied this via a press statement from Spokesman Ernesto Abella that reads:

What Duterte told Widodo was that he would not interfere in Indonesia’s legal processes.

Controversial blogger Sass Rogando Sasot defended Malacanang’s statement on the Mary Jane Veloso case on Facebook that read:

A friend of mine who speaks Indonesian translated to me Widodo’s statement based on the clip Adam Harvey provided:
His transcription:

“…Mary Jane. Dan saya bercerita bahwa Mary Jane itu membawa 2,6 kilo heroin dan saya cerita mengenai (apa) penundaan eksekusi yang kemarin. Presiden Duterte saat itu menyampaikan silahkan gak memang mau dieksekusi”

His translation:

“…Mary Jane. And I said Mary Jane was bringing 2.6 kilos of heroin and(I told him) the story about (what) the previous postponement of her execution. President Duterte at that moment conveyed, “Go ahead, but I do not want an execution..”

His comment:
Indonesian media misheard. They heard: “President Duterte saat itu menyampaikan silahkan kalau memang mau dieksekusi.”

They heard “kalau” =if. But if you listen closely Jokowi said “gak”=no/do not.

What say you?

Adam Harvey, ABC Indonesia/South East Asia Correspondent

Mary Jane Veloso’s mother, Celia Veloso accepted Malacanang’s explanation during an interview with Jessica Soho’s “State of the Nation” and says:

Si Attorney Olalia po, ang sabi po niya walang katotohanan yung mga naibalita na si Mary Jane po ay bibitayin. Ang sabi po ng ating Presidente, kung raw po ang kuwan ng Indonesia, igagalang niya. Ganun po ang sinabi, hindi po sinabi ni Presidente Duterte na bibitayin si Mary Jane [at] pumayag siya. Di po totoo ‘yun.

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Source: Sass Rogando Sasot

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