Influencer Mark Lopez slams Mon Tulfo if he believes Kakampink’s agitpro VP Inday Sara has insatiable appetite for power

ICYMI: Mon Tulfo has earned the ire of the DDS for reposting an article accusing VP Inday Sara Duterte of having insatiable appetite for power.

Tulfo did not name the author of the controversial article and for that, the author called him out on Facebook for stealing his article.

Thanks to a Twitter netizen who shared the screenshot of the rant on social media of a certain Wilfredo Garrido against Tulfo for failing to give credit where it is due but wrote a disclaimer that he did not own the rights. After checking it myself, we can confirm that indeed Wilfredo Garrido wrote the agitation propaganda against VP Inday Sara.

Garrido said many people are like this who merely copied and pasted his article to gain likes and followers without using their brain cells.

Speaking of the article, Garrido said VP Sara has been puffed up with conceit because of her huge role in PBBM’s victory and now VP Sara is not shy to collect on his debt in ways subtle and explicit.

To support her allegation VP Sara is being “puffed up with conceit”, the author said VP Sara’s refusal to stay in the office in Quezon City left by her predecessor, which she rejected for being unsuitable, compliments of Mayor Joy Belmonte who allowed its use for free, insisting she gets her own building, bigger, paid for by the Filipino people and at her preferred location as one of her proofs of his allegation.

Not surprised with Garrido’s disdain with VP Inday Sara. If you visit his FB wall, you can tell right away he is a die hard Kakampink because his pro-Leni and anti-Marcos, anti-Duterte posts.

You may click the embedded FB post below if you wish to read the article in full.

Now that we know what the fuss is all about Mon Tulfo, let us turn our attention to the reaction of die hard Duterte supporters like Mark Lopez.

In a Facebook post, Lopez said the Tulfo is sorely mistaken if he swallow hook, line and sinker that Kakampink agitprop (agitation propaganda) that VP Inday Sara is ambitious and power hungry.

Lopez argued that if Inday Sara is indeed power hungry as the Kakampinks alleged, then why did VP Sara chose to give way to PBBM and settle for being VP when she had all the chances to be President in 2022 election?

Lopez added that being a frontrunner and sure bet for Presidency, it takes a lot of courage, iron will and fortitude to pass up that opportunity.

Lopez remarked that if Tulfo was is VP Inday Sara’s shoes before the 2022 election, he bet Tulfo won’t give up that chance of becoming President.

You may now read Mark Lopez’s original FB post below.

Mon Tulfo is sorely mistaken if he believes that circulating Kakampink agitprop that VP Inday Inday Sara Duterte is ambitious and power hungry.

She had all the chances to be President but she chose to give way, and settle being VP.

Being frontrunner and a sure bet for Presidency, it takes a lot of balls, iron will and fortitude to give up that opportunity.

Malamang kung si Tulfo yang nasa sitwasyon ni Inday Sara nuon, hindi na nya pinakawalan yang tsansa na yan.


Source: Mark Lopez

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