Influencer reveals Toni Gonzaga’s “not so secret formula” to remain unscratched amid repeated calls to cancel the popular celeb endorser

If you are social media user, safe to say the term “cancel culture” isn’t alien to you.

Speaking of “cancel culture”, as far as I can recall, this phenomenon exploded only in recent years, especially during the Duterte administration when critics started calling for the boycott of certain politicians in the midterm election, businesses (small and big) because of association with or for showing support to ex-PRRD.

Of course, it does not mean the supporters of ex-PRRD are not guilty of practicing cancel culture too.

Remember the popular canned sardines maker? Yes, the Duterte supporters harnessed the power of cancel culture in retaliation against the son of the owner of the popular canned sardines manufacturer for taking a jab at the Duterte admin. I guess you know what happened to that company!

The cancel culture phenomenon did not end with the Duterte administration. In fact, it continues during the 2022 presidential campaign and until now. Hello Shopee!

Toni Gonzaga has been cancelled during the 2022 election campaign and until now!

But unlike the popular canned sardines maker, Toni Gonzaga is flourishing, not defeated by the so-called cancel culture. Do you know why?

Here’s the explanation of creative marketing coordinator and influencer Tio Moreno why cancel culture does not work against Toni Gonzaga.

Read below.

Toni Gonzaga has been cancelled numerous times on social media, but she remains unbothered. She goes on with her life, which has resulted in a very promising career— earning millions of pesos and trending always on Youtube through her ToniTalks Show— which actually makes her visible and relevant in the current social and political landscape in the country.

Those who cancelled her remained a “NOBODY,” as their careers are not promising and the only thing they bring to the table is bashing, heckling, and belittling others.

This has three implications:

1. Cancel culture works only for those who are immature, irrelevant, toxic, maleducated, and ill-bred.

2. Those who engage in cancel culture for a very wrong reason are a bunch of numpties.

3. They are the real dictators.


Source: Tio Moreno

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