Inquirer reporter brags returning giveaways at Asean Summit 2017 because its against company policy. Netizens think otherwise!

The Inquirer is once again embroiled in a controversy, this time for bragging one of its kind rejected the giveaways distributed at the 2017 Asean Summit.

The issue divided the social media people and has sparked another heated debate between the PDI and Duterte supporters.

BTW, inside the goody bag are the following: commemorative Asean smartphone, notebook, powerbank, dried mango and a bamboo speaker.

A netizen named Jarvis T. Magno insinuated that if money were involved, it would have been a totally different story.

The accusing finger required the response of the Philippine Daily Inquirer who wrote: “Our reporters are not allowed to accept cash gifts.”

Another netizen, Naldy de Leon, joined the conversation and asked this question to Inquirer: “Why did you return and what is the brand of the phone….?”

To which Inquirer responded: “It’s against our company policy.”

Inquirer commands a huge following on social media who defended the news media giant from detractors.

In response to the Jarvis Magno, Danilo Gida wrote: “Jusko po makapamintang si kuya ayan nadale ka ni inquirer.”

Miguel Araneta remarked: “I’m sure Mocha was only too happy to receive sacks of cash for her ‘services'”

Anthea M. Schulze resorted to ad hominem and attacked Jarvis Magno: “This Jarvis is indeed a moron. And has no knowledge of true public service and ethics. Mukhang pera, a nincompoop of the highest order. ASEAN is irrelevant, please account the expenses which are peoples money.”

Let us check out the rest of the comments of netizens slamming Inquirer.

Paul Tan commented: “Really? Not allowed to accept cash gifts? Sanamagan”

Ehman Tarosa said: “Reporters are not allowed to accept cash gifts…kung sikreto ibigay pede siguro…”

Choy Tejero wrote: “paano ksi mumurahin lang nasanay kasi ang bayarang NQR. ng mamahling gadget kaya ichapwera yan sa kanila👹👹👹”

Neco Medez commented: “Gusto branded kung iphone7 pa sure walang magpost ng ganito dba?”

Jason Jabonete smells something fishy about Inquirer’s motives: “So what? If its against your policy why tell netizen? If its a norm on your part why post it? You are a news agency right? Is it news worthy? There’s underlying meaning in your text …….Really???? Shame”

Bernard H. Cansana remarked: “Even in private events there are giveaways. So your point is you don’t accept even its a giveaway and you posted it so it would look that way.”

You may check the photos by visiting Inquirer’s original post below.

Your thoughts, please!

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