Instant karma is real! MMDA to recommend suspension of Maria Isabel Lopez driver’s license for breaking ASEAN lane barrier

As they say karma is instant in the social media age!

The case of actress Maria Isabel Lopez is perfect example of the adage.

If you’ve missed the news making the rounds online, the former beauty queen and actress infuriated social media after boasting on social media how she removed the divider cones that separates designated lane for the ASEAN delegates and ordinary motorists.

The actress’ antics spreads quickly like a wildfire, prompting the MMDA to recommend the suspension of the driver’s license of the actress. Check here to find what the actress did that angers social media.

MMDA spokesperson Celine Pialago told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that what Lopez did was a “serious breach of security.”

“MMDA and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) will now recommend to the Land Transportation Office the suspension or cancellation of Maria Isabel Lopez’s license,” Pialago told the Inquirer. [Link here]

The news has been met with thundering claps so to speak in social media.

However, many agree that suspension is not enough.

Kim Brian Roda wants something more. “yes, they should revoke her license.”

Romeo Cruz wants the actress to serve a jail time. “Suspendido lang Ang DL, dapat may kulong Yan Ng 6 most – 1 year mini”

Mark Vincent Uy thinks a community service is a better idea. “1 mo community service sa mmda. Taga ayos ng cones/barriers or imprisonment.”

Ramon Dee agrees with Mark Uy. “Civic service in EDSA for 3 months under the heat of the sun dapat.
Let her understand and realize whats causing the traffic.”

Raquel Arca Tria thinks she has a better suggestion. “Yes, suspend her driver’s license for ten years! For a fifty-something (or nearing 60 na?) has been actress, she is not above the law and should be reprimanded.”

What do you think?

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