Instead of sympathy, Karen Davila gets bash on Facebook for sharing Siargao surfing accident involving son

Karen Davila must have been shocked reading the reactions of the internet after sharing the surfing accident while taking a break from her TV job.

Today, a frustrated Karen Davila took to Facebook ranting about the lack or absence of medical facilities after her son got hurt in a surfing accident in Siargao, country’s most famous surfing destination.

According to Karen Davila’s viral Facebook post, she booked a surfing lessons for her two sons as soon as the family checked in at the popular resort in Siargao.

Just barely thirty minutes after the boys started the surfing lessons, his son David (autistic) got hurt.

According to Karen Davila’s viral Facebook post, her first day can be summarized into the following:

  • Major accident involving a minor.
  • No first aid treatment at a busy tourist surfing site.
  • Missing surfing trainer who ran away.
  • Long drive to the hospital, with no medical supplies.

While Karen Davila’s intention to rant on Facebook maybe noble by bringing up the problems in Siargao, a major tourist draw among surfing enthusiasts and beach goers, some netizens resort to victim-blaming rather than offering words of sympathy.

Jade Mark De Asis comments that Karen Davila should have not allowed her son to go surfing because it is an extreme sports and accidents do happen even to a child playing in the park. “I’m no prosurfer but I know even seasoned surfers nagkaka aksidente. It’s an extreme sports everytime nnagsusurf ako may mga galos talaga ako. Problem here is bakit pnsurf ng nanay yung bata. It’s not a walk in the park, pero kahit mga bata sa park nagkakasugat surfing pa kaya. Lalo na yung batang may autism.”

I’m from surigao so I would understand kung bakit wala gaano facilities, coastguards, medicines mga hospital dun.

Overreacting mother
She may not be a bad parent but she overlooked thinking surfing is just a walk in the park and clearly has underestimated the sport and mother nature.

Paul Khalil Dumas You should have watched over ur children even if they had instructors. Even pro surfers get wiped out sometimes. And the surfing areas are not sand. You should know better


Marie Gold Celiz says Karen Davila’s family should have gone to Maui, Hawaii and not in Siargao.  Dapat di kayo sa Siargao pumunta. Sa Maui, Hawaii kayo dapat.”


Waks Alcaraz says that this is wakeup call city folks to do their research well before diving into sports with inherent risks. “I trust it goes well with your son. This is a wakeup call for city folks to do their research before embarking on an adventure especially when it involves boards, you can get hit with the fin, the boards, get smashed on the reef or bump with other surfers. Dont believe everything you see in blogs and hyped up commercials about safety, board riding is an extreme sport, you do it at your own risk, everything around you is unpredictable, nature is designed that way. A lifeguard cant predict tide nor catch your kid when he wipesout from the wave into a reef its not humanly plausible. Research the difference between a reefbreak and sandbreak surf spot. My son lost his tooth skateboarding, did I blame the lack of safety on the park owners? Nope, when you step on that board, you need to understand the risks.”

Netizen Thomas Ardiente says Karen Davila is exaggerating and overacting. “Excuse me? This is purely exaggeration! Been to Siargao last year and out of all the places I’ve been with. Ito talaga yung literal na bukid pa sa lahat ng bukid. What do you expect Madam? Ang OA mag ha hire talaga ng Doctor/Nurse? Hindi po katulad ng Boracay or Palawan itong Siargao, magkakalayo layo po ang mga hospital, bahay etc. You should have taken care of your child, Sinabi mo pa naman na minor pa siya and has autism spectrum. Surfing is so hard, kahit ako ilang beses ako na swipe out at tumigil after few minutes dahil di ko talaga kinaya. Isip isip din po tayo next time please.”

Netizen Reinhard Celis remarks that Karen and family should have stayed in the church and prayed since Holy Week is the time to reflect. “Ang dapat kasi Maam nasa church kayo or nagdadasal sa oras na ito.yan tuloy sunod kayo sa uso.hindi naman dapat bakasyon ang quarisma,kundi celebration po ito ng pagkamatay ng panginoon jesu christo.umuwi kna magpahinga.may show kapa bukas.”

Chai Merc blames Karen for putting her son at risk knowing he’s autistic. “Special children hindi dapat i engage sa extreme sports kc nga they have focus problem (the parents knkw that) wrong move ms davila… Junrey the instructor should have declined wrong move too… Patas ra…no doctors? No first aid?ms davila am inviting u to one of our meetings so that u wud know d root of dat problem.. Mg nonose bleed ka”

Meanwhile, many have offered a kinder words to the distraught Mom Karen Davila.

Jessa Ricafranca Siriban echoes Karen Davila’s sentiment while defending her from critics: “Hi guys!
I went to Siargao a year ago. Nalibot ko siya in 4hours pabalik ng Cloud 9. I’m a nurse. Sa pag-iikot ko sa Siargao malayo ang health center from Cloud 9 kung saan nandun ang main area for surfers and tourist. Yung nakita kong health center sira-sira, wala akong nakitang ambulance sa area or kahit man lang sa cloud 9. Totoo yan. Mahahabag ka talaga! Karen Davila is not over reacting. Problema kasi sa inyo, hanggat hindi nyo nararanasan, masasabing nyong “ang oa naman” at “alam mo namang prone to accident eh” WTF?!!!! Sa Coron may namatay na turista kasi wala agad first aiders way back! Now muntikan na mamatay ung bata tapos yan p sasabihin nyo.

Dapat handa ang Siargao sa pagdami ng turista. Medical facilities is a must sa lahat ng local government. Saka hindi lang naman turista ang makikinabang pati ang mga local doon na nangangailangan ng health facility. Gaahd people! Nakakairita kayo.

Tracy Cruz also echoes Karen Davila’s sentiment and says: “You weren’t overacting Ms Karen. This has been the issue in Siargao that despite the influx of tourists, there’s no decent hospital. if there’s an accident, the tourists are lucky to be able to afford to fly to Cebu or Davao for proper treatment while the locals are left to fend for themselves. Its sad because the LGU wants to open an international airport to bring in more tourists and yet are not thinking about a basic necessity, which is a working hospital!! I’m hopeful that someone with your voice will make things move in the island for the locals!!

I agree with you on making the surfers/locals certified with teaching but sometimes, the ones who hold the knowledge in the surfing certifications, charge the locals with money in order to undergo certification. This shouldn’t be the case.”

In one hand, netizen Lester Helon Luna Cantones would rather blame the local government who has develop the habit of treating the tourism industry as a milking cow but failing to give in return like providing medical services. “The point here is not only about Ms. Karen’s son’s accident. The point is, the LGU should have a topmost priority on safety of all tourists as Siargao has already started to be known for tourism. How morbid that the local government just takes advantage on the revenue without allocating any budget for decent health care services. Siargao survives because of tourism, so the must provide necessary services for local anf foreign tourists.”

As of this writing, Karen Davila’s Facebook post has gathered more than 18,000 shares, 27,000 reactions and 7,000 plus comments and counting.

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