Intel sources allege Kian attending indoctrination on mass work from KADAMAY, a group accused of destabilization efforts against Duterte?

While it is true that Kian’s family has already denounced Duterte’s political opponents for using his son’s death to further their political agenda, there is a some serious allegation against his family circulating online.

A netizen hiding behind the alias Rodrigo Bonifacio posted some serious allegation against Kian delos Santos’ family on Facebook claiming that Kian and his family is a friend of KADAMAY Sec General Dan Cayabyab.

So what’s the problem being a friend of KADAMAY’s Sec Gen?

According to Bonifacio, Kian’s mother is a member of Migrante International (NCR Chapter) and receiving monthly dues from MI.

In fact, Kian had already attended initial indoctrination on mass work conducted by the CNN front militant group before his untimely death.

The intelligence service has pointed out that “Kian’s death will be a driving force for the CNN legal united front campaign to exploit and try to agitate the general public for possible inciting to sedition, the least people’s uprising.”

Lending credence to the ‘intel’ is former military official Abe Purugganan who shared Rodrigo Bonifacio’s post on his Facebook account.

When netizen Manuel Gancena commented in the thread asking the OP if the report is verified, Abe Puruggan replied: “I asked to make sure that it came from the community. And yes, it came from the intel to how it was processed, i do not have an idea.”

Melchor Vergara commented: “it is entirely plausible that this was a well thought-out event, and the kid was used as a sacrifice to anger the people against the Duterte government”

Marife G. Ceño remarked: “Inciting what? Can they find a better front? A drug courrier, pusher, addict and drug crazed family? Oh please!!! This is bull! They’re not even tax payers! Find an honest job first and be a good citizen and pay their dues! If they still want to remain leeches then good riddance!”

As of this writing, CNN has not released any statement in reaction to the allegation.

Your thoughts?

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