Intelligent Duterte supporter teaches anti-Duterte Facebook page an important lesson: Don’t twist facts or you’re doomed!

This is quite embarrassing!

The Facebook page, Filipino’s Patriotism, a critic of PRRD, posted a meme to show that Duterte’s statement regarding allegation of corruption in the Office of the Ombudsman does not add up.

The meme says that Duterte’s stint as government prosecutor started in 1977 until 1986 while the Office of the Ombudsman was created in 1988.

In short, the meme is saying that PRDD is a liar.

But thanks to netizen Patrick Asinas who called the attention of the OP.

“admin 1978 my ombudsman n gago Anung Akala MO ikaw lng may internet at papaniwalain Kmi sa Kagaguhan mo”

Asinas shared the screenshot below to support his argument.

A quick read tells us that the Ombudsman, formerly Tanodbayan, was created in 1978.

The OP argued that the Ombudsman did not exist at the time PRRD was a government prosecutor. He anchored his argument along the line highlighted in the screen capture photo below.

Asinas shot down the OP’s argument instantly.

The OP attempted to wiggle his way out of the embarrassment but netizen Asinas did not want to hear any of it.

Another netizen joined the convo, poked fun at the OP.

Meanwhile, the OP found an ally too.

If you’d recall, a heated word war between Ombudsman Conchita Morales and Pres. Duterte is brewing after she criticized the former’s bloody war on illegal drugs.

Pres. Duterte responded in kind and told Morales to shut up, stop playing god and acting like she is a saint.

“Bakit iyang Ombudsman, hindi corrupt? P— ina, tanungin mo kaya iyang lahat na nagkaroon ng kaso diyan… I have dealings with them when I was a prosecutor, my God!”

Your thoughts?

Source: Filipino Patriotism

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