International geopolitical expert says Duterte is the Philippines Lee Kuan Yew, more popular than Trump in the US and Merkel in Germany

Geopolitical expert and founder Adam Garrie speaks highly of President Rodrigo Duterte in a video that appeared in the Facebook page “Unite Pinas”.

In the video, Garrie says he took interest of the Philippines because of his admiration for what Duterte is doing to change the country and improve the country in so many different ways.

Garrie explains that he supports Duterte because “his record as mayor was one of tough law and order – one that put control back in the hands of the people and in order to that he has established a safe and productive environment for the people.”

While “many think it couldn’t be done in the national level but Duterte like he has in many instance, has proved the critics wrong.”

Garrie adds that Duterte is getting the job done in spite of what the US congress says, what some idiot in the UN says, what the silly European Union says.”

“Duterte is doing what he needs to do and what his people want him to do,” Garrie insists.

According to him, “no one who is a serious person can say that Duterte isn’t democratic. The definition of democratic is when you serve the people, when you do the will of the people.”

Garrie explains the Duterte phenomenon…

“Duterte remain so much more popular in the Philippines than leaders in so many others in other countries. He is more popular than Trump in America, than Merkel in Germany and the list goes on and on.”

Garrie says Duterte is popular for a reason.

He cites Duterte’s “Build, Build, Build” program as an example.

The program, Garrie elaborates, is putting much needed injections of cash and vitality into the very infrastructure of the Philippines and this will help to create jobs and bring in further investment, improve the lives of the people for decades to come and centuries even because once you build something that you can build upon that. And Duterte is laying that important foundation.

On Duterte’s war on drugs, Garrie’s says “Duterte’s war on drugs is so important not just for the health and safety of the people, but also for the economic well-being of the country”.

Garrie argues that “no one wants to invest in a place where crazy people are running around on drugs. They want to invest in a place like Singapore after lee Kuan Yew started his reforms starting in the 1960’s.”

Garrie compares Duterte to Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew

Garrie says “Duterte in this sense is the Lee Kuan Yew of the Philippines; he is doing it by pivoting his country towards new partnership, making closer ties with countries like Russia, China, Malaysia, India, beyond the world is open, Africa and other parts of Asia.”

Garrie states that Duterte’s brand of diplomacy augurs well for the country.

“All of these markets, partnerships, the security and prosperity will now be open and they are already opening because of the excellent reforms Duterte has done.”

Garrie says he is optimistic that the Duterte government will make the structure of government fairer with the shift towards the federal form of government just as what Duterte had done in the country’s tax system.

“He has made the tax system fair and now he is going to make the very structure of government fairer with the federal system and possibly even the parliamentary system that even will allow more direct representation of the people if performed correctly and I have my full faith in that.”

Before signing off, Garrie left a message for President Duterte.

“My message to president Duterte is keep on doing everything you’re doing, speak for the people as you’ve always done; your sincerity is unquestionable. No one can doubt your sincerity. So please just have many more healthy and productive years for yourself and your country, you’re the best!”

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Foreign political analyst, hanga kay Duterte! "He is more popular than Trump or Merkel of Germany”

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Posted by Unite Pinas on Friday, March 23, 2018

Credits to Adam Garrie.

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