International law expert Paula Defensor Knack scolds Rome Statute “experts” Raissa Robles and Jim Paredes like school kids!

Blogger by day and international law expert “kuno” by night Raissa Robles strikes once again on Twitter saying Duterte is in panic mode after announcing he is withdrawing the Philippines from ICC.

@raissawriter tweets: “I never never thought this would happen. Is the Duterte govt in panic mode?”

To which retired singer and now Rome statutes expert Jim Paredes replied to Robles’ tweet:

“Matagal na! He is OBSESSED with ICC. The prospect of trial and punishment is haunting him.”

While it’s true that Raissa Robles’ “expert opinion” resonated with her more than 100 followers or so and that includes Jim Paredes, by any standard, her tweet did not gain traction to push it to trending status.

But the two “pseudo-experts” can thank the “real” international law expert Paula Defensor Knack later, late Senator Miriam Santiago’s younger sister, for giving them a free ride to trending status not on Twitter, but on Facebook. Lol

The hard-hitting Atty. Knack came out swinging on Facebook from the get-go and wasted no time in destroying whatever bubbles of illusions Robles and Paredes possessed in their heads.

Naku, nagsilabasan na mga pseudo-experts sa Rome Statute at Intl. Criminal Law. Kagagahan at kagaguhan!

Knack followed her initial attack with a methodical demolition of Robles assertion by laying down the facts in regard to Rome Statue.

FACT : It is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to convict a sitting head of state and the PH complied with its obligations under the Rome Statute by filing cases against erring law enforcement officials under the complementarity principle. It is left with no option. Withdrawal is as much a right as joining is. Thats why there are provisions for withdrawal IN THE ROME STATUTE ITSELF.”

Knack ended the post by jolting Raissa Robles with the truth that she is nothing but a “useless and uninformed” blogger. Ouch!

“So stop saying about panic because PRRD is not the type who panics AT ALL. You are deluding yourselves. The country is exercising its RIGHT UNDER THE ROME STATUTE. Your posts are, as usual, useless and uninformed. 👊👊👠🇵🇭️☕”

Credits to Paula Knack for the meme.

As of this posting, Paula Knack’s Facebook post has gathered 1,533 shares, 2,800 reactions and undetermined number of comments.

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