International relations expert chides BBM critic who makes it an issue because BBM rides plane in campaign sorties

A BBM critic one said that the Dutch PM (Prime Minister) commutes to his office using bicycle. But BBM will not even fly economy. Now I understand why support him, said the BBM critic.

International Relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot did not let this swipe at her and BBM go unanswered.

In a Facebook post, Sasot easily demolished the attempt of the BBM critic to paint him as high maintenance if he becomes President because he is the type of person who is used to living the high life unlike the Dutch PM who leads a frugal life. In other words, the Dutch PM is simple while BBM is the complete opposite.

Here are some of the comments of netizens defending BBM as shown below.

Netizen #1 has no qualms BBM not taking economy class when he flies abroad or to a local destination.

So what? Even an ordinary people if you can afford to pay first class in flights , what’s your problem ! Big deal? Weird naman !!!

Netizen #2 poke fun at the BBM critic who wants BBM to commute by bike to visit areas after a typhoon.

Imagine biking to Leyte from Malacañang to tend to the flood victims. Oh wait…

Netizen #3 chided the BBM critic for asking question without even knowing what he was about to ask.

How ironic and ignoramus this dude is, be sure when you ask a question you know what you’re asking, don’t just open your big mouth and indulge in a biased way of bombarding , so pathetic and btw Philippines and the Netherlands has the utmost big differences in terms of geography

You may now read how Sasot easily brushed aside BBM’s critic below.

Dude, do you know how small the Netherlands is? I lived in The Hague, the seat of the Dutch government, for almost 9 years. Do you know how small The Hague is, and how far the Dutch prime minister’s house is from his office? And do you know how AMAZING the urban planning of Dutch cities are that made everything so convenient? Do you know how long it took the Netherlands to become what it is now – politically, economically, and nationally? At least 200 years.


Source: For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot

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