International relations expert lauds Kris Aquino’s brilliance, tells Bong Go to fire his strategist. Mocha the runaway winner?

The internet say that Kris Aquino made a huge political blunder in taking Mocha Uson. However, international relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot have nothing but praises for Kris Aquino.

According to Sasot, Kris Aquino almost pulled a fast one on Mocha Uson and Bong Go had Uson danced to the tune of the actress’s music.

Otherwise, it could have been a perfect prelude to Kris Aquino’s future announcement for a senatorial bid.

Hence, Sasot couldn’t help but credit Kris Aquino for making it appear that Bong Go, Duterte’s most trusted man, as her “bitch baby”. Had Mocha Uson succumbed to Bong Go’s pressure, that would have been the icing on the cake of Kris grand scheme.

“But I have to give credit where credit is due, magaling ang ginawa ni Kris. She made it appear that Bong Go, the most trusted man of the president, is her bitch baby; and while doing that she was hoping that she could make the #1 social media defender of Duterte bow to her. What a cunning bitch. Respects for such a brilliant move!

It was a perfect prelude to her future announcement for a senatorial bid. At na-iputan ni Kris sa ulo ang dalawa sa pwede niyang makalaban. Good thing eh pumalag si Mocha. Otherwise, kung nag-apologize yang si Mocha dahil sa utos ni Bong Go na tinext lang ni Kris dahil nasaktan feelings niya, grabe ang momentum niyan ni Kris…

Bong Go should hire better strategists…”

So what’s the verdict of social media on Bong Go, Mocha Uson and Kris Aquino? Let’s head to the comment section and see how netizens judge the three personalities amidst the brouhaha caused by the “pakilig” kiss in South Korea.

On Bong Go…

Ruffy Chris Loquia: “This move by Bong Go will be forever written in history. It is hard to trust someone who gives in to political pressure and thru what? Text? Bong Go may be a good person but this move made him very cheap. I can only imagine what he will do if the pressure has involvement with money. It was very disheartening.”

Imelda Tumbiga De Loyola: “I read it differently … pls.dont take it against Robin 😀 i think what he did is giving a lollipop to a kid in a tantrum.. just being a gentleman just like his idol The Batman 😀 Lets not be easily dismayed by that, acts can be deceiving …😁”

Samantha Kristina Yellena Fernandez: “Lol.. I don’t trust someone who bends on a brat’s whims. Good thing Bong Go shows his true colors waaaaay before the elections. You’re off the list. #notowalangbuto #nototakotmanindigan”

On Mocha Uson…

Nur Aira Claudia: “si mocha na lng mg senador my paninindigan sa bwt salita nya ,walang takot !…ung iba salita lng pero ayn umuurong din pala!”

Yu Chang: “Mocha is a brilliant senator sa totoo Lang , she can’t be persuaded Kahit pa I pressure sya ng mahal nya! For that I salute mocha! Girl you’re soaring high! With flying colors”

On Kris Aquino…

Gemma Carmona Capiral: “Does the Phils need the Aquino at this time ?
What this girl doing is trying to get publicity & public sympathy for her own foolishness,,,, 💩💩💩”

Valer Y Yana: “Ang self centered, childish, spoiled brat. She need to grow up!”

Your verdict?

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