International relations expert offers advise to Agnes Callamard if she wants to continue criticizing Duterte

For speaking in the event organized by Duterte’s accusers, UN special rapporteur Agnes Callamard has been accused of losing her impartiality.

Worse, Callamard talked about the merits of an impending investigation (extra-judicial killings) resulting in a prejudgment of the government.

This is the keen observation of international law expert, Paula Defensor Knack, younger sister of the late Miriam Defensor Santiago. Check the meme she shared on her Facebook page below.

SocMed blogger Sass Rogando Sasot shared the sentiment with Paula Defensor Knack and took to Facebook calling out Callamard to resign from her position as UN Special rapporteur since she has already lost her impartiality.

Check thew full text of the post below.

If Callamard wants to be partial, she should just resign as a Special Rapporteur and become an activist and work for Human Rights Watch, and condemn our government all she wants.
But she cannot do that as a Special Rapporteur mandated to observe the highest standard of impartiality. Take note, di lang impartiality iyan kundi highest kind of impatiality.

Let me demonstrate what this kind of impartiality entails. If any of our SC judges are openly and publicly criticising or supporting BBM or Leni, s/he should inhibit him/herself from the PET process.

Judges might have his or her take on an issue but they don’t talk about it publicly or before they have already rendered an official judgment of the case whose evidence they have actually assessed.

Si Callamard ang tigas ng mukha. She’s rubbing elbows with the group that would like to indict Duterte in any forum they could get, participating in a film showing meant to show support for Leila De Lima, and releasing public statements on her twitter account that are obviously against the gov’t. Yet she hasn’t tweeted against drug syndicates and their gov’t protectors.
She’s doing these breeches so blatantly!

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