International relations expert on Vice President Sara Duterte: Nagtatrabaho ang VP ngayon at hindi dumadagdag sa gulo

International Relations expert and SMNI News Statecraft anchor Sass Rogando Sasot has nothing but praises for Vice President Sara Duterte for staying in her lane despite the controversies the PBBM admin is facing.

Sasot added that VP Sara isn’t meddling in PBBM’s job.

Sasot said this is because VP Sara had the experience of being Vice to someone. If I may add, VP Sara was former President Rodrigo Duterte’s Vice Mayor in Davao City once upon a time before the latter ran for President and won in 2016 presidential election.

Sasot heaping praises on Vice President Sara Duterte has been well received by the Duterte supporters in general and Sasot’s FB followers in particular.

Here are some of the positive feedback from VP Sara Duterte’s supporters below.

She is a good servant. Working silently & relentlessly in her own line of work….walang pa epal.She is not only beautiful in person but also a good strong brainy leader with more than enough experience in governance. GOD BLESS our VP Inday Sara, commented one netizen.

if there’s anything VP Sara would like to take up with PBBM, im sure she’ll do it in private, hindi yung pangangalandakan pa nya sa publiko. kaya nga swak na swak ang tandem nila; tulungan, hindi siraan, remarked another netizen.

This netizen can’t help but take a swipe at a former VP. In fairness, no name was mentioned who the netizen was insinuating.

She knows where to place herself. She does her job well without “stealing” the spotlight from the lead character unlike we all know who😁

She has enough problems on her plate as VP and DepEd Sec, kaya kebs, focus lang🤭 reasoned another netizen.

You may now read Sass Rogando Sasot’s original FB post below.

Despite the controversies the admin is facing, VP Sara eh hindi intrimitida. Di sya eksenadora sa trabaho ng presidente. Ganyan talaga kapag mag experience ka as Vice to someone. Nagtatrabaho ang VP ngayon at hindi dumadagdag sa gulo. 🤗


Source: For the Motherland Sass Rogando Sasot

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