International relations expert roasts Robredo after making diplomatic gaffe: “Study diplomacy, hwag puro meryenda!”

This “meryenda” jokes on VP Leni Robredo whenever she makes a gaffe never gets old.

Yesterday, Robredo was the toast of social media after she committed a gaffe while commenting on the statement made by the Chinese embassy in Manila below.

“China has made appropriate arrangement for the Philippine fishermen to fish in relevant waters out of goodwill. This policy remains unchanged.”

I don’t know if Robredo volunteered herself or the local reporters sought her out for opinion on the above Chinese embassy statement or not, but this is what Robredo allegedly said:

“I feel that such statement is a big slap to our faces. It is insulting because why do we have to get their permission?”

Kudos to international relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot for giving Robredo the heads up!

On Facebook, Sasot advised Robredo to study diplomacy so she could read the nuances of diplomatic language, not focused too much in giving out snacks.

Mrs Robredo, in international relations, several UN declarations have recognized that peace among nations rests on the GOODWILL of all people and governments.

I hope you study diplomacy so you could read into the subtleties of diplomatic language at hwag puro meryenda!

1. China didn’t say that it is PERMITTING our fishermen to operate there. It said that it made APPROPRIATE ARRANGEMENT with our government. That means we are forging an arrangement WITH them that would make it possible for BOTH of our fishermen to operate there.

2. Considering how goodwill is used in international relations, “Out of Goodwill” simply means “in order to preserve peace.” And peace, Mrs Robredo, is the pre-condition of anything in international relations.

That you are insulted by “goodwill,” which is a pre-condition for peace, only shows how ignorant you are of how international relations work. Tangina, hwag puro meryenda!

Your thoughts?

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