International relations expert says 2022 presidential polls battle between Sara, BBM & Leni if Poe & Isko drops out

International relations expert and political commentator on Facebook Sass Rogando Sasot of the FB Page For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot surveyed the political landscape in the 2022 presidential battle.

Sasot remarked that among the presidential aspirants, only three can boast of having political bases. Leni Robredo though has the smallest political base.

“Sara, BBM, and Leni are the only possible presidential aspirants that have a political base, a loyal group of voters. Among the three, Leni has the smallest political base.”

Though Leni is one of the three presidential aspirants who have political base like BBM and Sara, she is not in the top 5 in the surveys. Sasot said Leni’s best hope is for Poe and Isko to drop out of the presidential race.

“Among the top 5 in the surveys are Grace Poe, Isko, and Pacquiao. The best hope for Leni to win is for Poe, Isko, and Pacquiao’s possible voters to transfer to her. Pacquiao is bent on running, so forget about him. Poe already said she has no plans. Isko is still quiet about his plans.”

In the event Leni can convince Isko to run as her VP, there is no assurance she will get the NCR votes via Isko because NCR might go for Marcos once again just like in 2016.

“Perhaps, if Isko would run as Leni’s VP, Leni may possibly get Isko’s possible voters (which are mostly from NCR). The problem is, in the 2016 elections, NCR, with exception of Taguig, voted for BBM. So if Isko runs for VP, his votes might be split mostly between Sara and BBM.”

Sasot figured whoever get Poe’s votes the most will determine who will become the country’s next President.

“So it now boils down to where would the possible Poe votes would transfer…Poe has a tricky demographics — they are mostly from Luzon and Visayas, an assortment of different political persuasions…”

Sasot concluded the FB post by leaving the scenario that should make the Opposition shaking in their boots.

“Of course, if Sara and BBM team up – 2022 elections would be over.”


Source: For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot

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