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International relations expert shares moral of the story when G. Tongi corrects old Inquirer article about her by telling her own side of the story

It’s part of social media history when G. Tongi rebuked Ella Cruz for her ‘history is like chismis’ remark. According to G. Tongi’s tweet, she would love to share with Ella how as an 8 year old marched to the streets, along with countless others who are part of history that Ella is dismissing as here say.

However, G. Tongi’s claim that as an 8-year old school girl, she took part in EDSA People Power was disputed by netizens including VOVph as false as per Inquirer archive article.

G. Tongi quickly dismissed the Inquirer article as inaccurate and insisted she was in EDSA 1986 as an 8-year old girl.

G. Tongi further presented further proof that she indeed was studying in the Philippines at the time when EDSA 1986 happened and the inquirer article written about her was inaccurate.

That being said, International Relations expert and SMNI News Statecraft host Sass Rogando Sasot shared the moral of the story on G. Tongi correcting the Inquirer article written 2 decades ago which everyone who reads it thought was true for quite some time. Sasot reckoned that if G. Tongi can correct a story written about her by telling her side of the story, so it is but fair that we must welcome every person telling us their side of the story.

Confused? You may now read Sass Sasot’s original FB post for a clearer explanation.

So here’s the moral of the story: Miss G Töngi corrects in 2022 an article written by Inquirer about 2 decades ago, which everyone thought was true for quite some time. She corrects the Inquirer story about her by telling her side of the story. Nothing wrong about that. Pero di naman pupwede na si Miss Töengi lang ang may karapatang mag-revise. Thus, we must welcome every person telling us their side of the story. “Every” includes anyone, regardless of their family name, or the extent of how they were villainized in history. In other words, Ms Töngi should also give other people a chance to do what she did now. Lastly, if we were gullible to believe a simple Inquirer article about her, then how could she be so sure that she was not gullible at 7 yo? ENDS


Source: For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot

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