International relations expert thanks Jessica Soho for asking Leni Robredo this difficult question…and internet laugh. Read why!

Jessica Soho of GMA News is a multi-awarded journalist and winner of the prestigious Peabody Award twice for her documentaries on social relevant issues.

In 1991, Soho was the first Filipino to win bronze medal in the esteemed New York Film Festival for her coverage of the Cagayan Valley hostage crisis.

In other words, Soho isn’t your run-of-the-mill journalist and TV show host but touted as one of the most trusted among the news people in the country.

But that does not mean Soho is infallible and cannot make mistakes.

Soho’s handling of the presidential interview, particularly how she handled Leni Robredo in the interview recently forced some netizens to question if indeed Soho deserves our trust to help the nation decide who to vote for as the country’s next leader by asking the hard and serious questions to the presidential applicants but when it was Leni Robredo’s turn, Soho asked the type of questions we often hear on pageants to select Miss Gay in our barangays?

Let us reflect for a moment and decide whether Soho is fit to interview, in our behalf, the country’s presidential applicants?

Meanwhile, if you ask international relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot, Soho deserves the public’s trust to handle the job interview for the presidential applicants. albeit in a sarcastic tone.

Ms Jessica, thank you for this very difficult question for Leni.

Sasot’s followers erupted in laughter as shown by the number of netizens who hit the laugh emoji button on Sasot’s FB thread. In fact, out the 9,700+ reactors, 8,500 netizens were laughing with Sasot.

The netizens’ comments were even depressing on Soho’s part to even care to read it.

In fairness to Ms Jessica Soho. The question she gave to Mrs Robredo was just fitting to an extra oridanary house wife not for a candidate for President, just for a house wife. And mind you some love her to be the next President of RP not Cam Sur.

award winning journalist yarn?! 

It shows that her show was unpolitically suitable. Its just like having a Quiz Bee or X-Factor, not to mentioned her voice. She should focus on her Ka Puso and refrain from politics.. Politic is something to take seriously not just another noon show…

Imagine nyo, sana si Vic Sotto at Joey De Leon ang nagtanong nyan kay Leni?#littlemissphilippines2022

Jessica Soho is just levelling the playing field. Questions are based on their IQ. That’s fairness. 😂😂😂


Source: For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot

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