Int’l relations expert explains why Sara Duterte opted to run for VP instead of President when she was leading the surveys

While many die hard Duterte supporters were left in tears and until now still looking for answers why Sara Duterte pass up the opportunity to run for President when it was hers for the taking after leading the presidential surveys for months, Sass Rogando Sasot of the FB page For the Motherland, in my opinion, offered the best explanation.

Basically, Sasot defended Sara’s decision to refuse the allure of power by not running for President was because she was raised that way. She went on to reinforce her assertion by citing more or less 4 reasons as shown below.

  1. Sara isn’t hungry for power. She was raised to work hard if she wants something.
  2. Sara believed running for Vice President will help her become a better leader and public servant.
  3. Sara’s game is the long game. Why 6 years as president when she can have in the executive position for 12 years? She can even become a Prime Minister if the shift to parliamentary system is realized in the next 12 years?
  4. Sara isn’t on a rush.

You may read Sasot’s full FB article below now.


For consecutive months, Sara was leading the presidential survey with a very good lead. Major political parties expressed committed to bolt in to support her candidacy. The presidency was hers for the taking. Even Senator Imee Marcos thought she should run as president. Yet she did not. She chose to run as VP, a largely ceremonial role. Why?

That’s exactly the question. Why would Sara let go of an opportunity a million men would die to have? Why would she turn her back from power?

Because she’s not hungry for power. She was raised to work hard for what she wants in life. She wasn’t raised to have a sense of self entitlement. She does not want to rely on her last name.

Sara’s statement after she filed for VP is quite telling. She’s running for VP because it will help her become a better person and public servant in the long run. She’s self aware that she’s not yet that ready to take the helm. Her kids, after all, are still quite young and need their mother at this crucial time of their lives. She wants to learn, get more adept at being a leader at the national stage, in other words build her own political kingdom and not simply inherit it from her father. She was raised not to eat the cake in front of her but learn how to bake one. In other words, she doesn’t want a coronation but a meritocratic ascension.

Obviously, a lot were disappointed why she did not run for president, given that she is the leading possible candidate. I had been telling this to my friends: What would Sara do after six years? Become a mayor again? Run as senator?

Sara’s game is the long game. Why would we just want Sara in an executive position for 6 years if we can have her for 12? First as VP and as President. And if we’re lucky to witness in our lifetime the shift to the more efficient parliamentary system, then we could have her as Prime Minister, who could get re-elected if she is competent, like Germany’s Angela Merkel.

Sara isn’t on a rush to be the most powerful person in the Philippines. The future is indeed female and her name is Sara. But the road to that future begins one step at a time.


Source: For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot

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