Int’l relations expert on BBM: He has the combined rhetorical skills of his father and the charm of his mother

After listening to BBM delivered his speech at the proclamation rally held today at the Philippine Arena, International relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot of the FB page For the Motherland can’t help but quip:

Let us read the comments below if netizens agree with Sass’s observation.

True, I can picture out in him his late father while talking and his charisma is overflowing 🙏❤️

When you close your eyes, it’s like apo ferdinand marcos sr. is talking..

PFEM had both brains and charisma. Actually, I don’t understand the dictator notion as he was very popular and I had never heard any complaints about him. And I worked and moved around political circles. Up to this time, what remains in my memory of him is that he was very well loved. FLIRM was not only charming. She was an action woman, readily addressing areas of concern like housing, building cultural centers and hospitals and ensuring the cleanliness of the streets of Manila.

Pansin ko sa kanya yung hugis ng lips niya nakuha niya kay Imelda

Nung nagsasalita siya kanina, minsan naririnig ko na katunog/kaboses niya si FEM at minsan may tono siya o lumanay ng boses na galing kay Imelda. Galingg..

Indeed! Kung naabutan ng mga millennials and gen z ang itsura ni BBM noon, ay ewan ko lang kung papansinin nila ang kpop idols hehe..poging na poging lakas ng charm

Agree, not everyone could be a leader, only few, he is one of the few.. He has the charisma…

Goosebumps…the tiger’s and eagle’s strength and desire to serve this country are evidently a balsam to our identity as a Filipino.

pero nong pinakita sa camera ung fam nya mga anak halos magiba ang arena sa sigawan😂

So true, Ms. Sass 👍✌️


Source: For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot

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