Int’l relations expert slams Ogie Diaz who said he joined 31M Filipinos in prayer for a clear weather & a government we can depend on in times of disaster?

Ogie Diaz, hwag puro tsismis…

This is basically the emphatic message of international relations expert and SMNI host Sass Rogando Sasot to the above-mentioned showbiz reporter and talent manager who tweeted on September 26, 2022 saying he joined 31 million Filipinos in prayer, hoping for a clear weather and a government we can depend on in times of calamity.

In a Tiktok video, Sasot began by asking Ogie Diaz to elaborate what he tweeted.

Sasot wasted no time in reprimanding Ogie Diaz, telling him to stop gossiping so that he will know…

The next time we know, Sasot began flashing a series photos, starting with the photo of a Philippine Coast Guard personnel. She asked Ogie Diaz if he know what is the Philippine Coast Guard? If not, Sasot was generous enough to educate the showbiz reporter that the Philippine Coast Guard is part of the government. They are deployed before a typhoon make landfall to conduct search and rescue operation. If I may add, do pre-emptive evacuation.

Next, Sasot flashed a photo of the Philippine Army, particularly their transport unit. They were ready even before the typhoon arrived.

Next, Sasot flashed a photo of soldiers loading DSWD boxes full of relief goods to PAF helicopter and airlift these to remote areas which cannot be reached by the government’s land assets.

Sasot hoped that before Ogie Diaz opened his mouth, he should know first how the government runs and be a responsible Filipino and not just spread gossips. And also, she hoped the next time Ogie prays, he prays sans the sarcasm because according to Sasot, God won’t to sarcastic prayers.

Here are some of the comments of netizens below.

One person wrote perhaps Ogie Diaz expects PBBM to do the rescue himself of the typhoon victims and they want the president to swim in the flood.

baka ang ineexpect nila si PBBM ang susugod dun para irescue ang mga nasalanta ng bagyo baka ang gusto nila ang president ang lumangoy sa baha

Another netizen wrote that Ogie and fellow Kakampinks understanding of a reliable government is that, the President and VP will personally visit the disaster areas for photoops with the typhoon victims.

Yung understanding kasi nila sa maaasahang gobyerno, si Pres. At VP mismo pupunta dun at magpa picture sa mga nasalanta.

This sentiment is echoed by another netizen.

Ang alam Lang kasi nilang Gobyerno ay si PBBM Lang😂 Gusto nila si PBBM ang gumawa lahat😂


Source: For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot

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