Ira Panganiban slams foreign reporter for questioning alleged extra-judicial killings under Duterte admin

The brave foreign reporter who put Duterte in a hot seat during the press conference in early dawn today has earned the ire of netizens, including a local journalist.

On a Facebook post, Ira Panganiban of Radyo Inquirer slams the Australian journalist (first reported as a British journalist) whose video with Duterte has gone viral wherein the foreign journalist expressed alarmed over the alleged extra-judicial killings as the anti-drugs campaign of the Duterte administration heats up.

Check out the full text of Mr. Panganiban below.

To the Australian journalist so concerned about the alleged killings in our country, you do know about Pine Gap communications center in Alice Springs in your country right?

You know, that facility that monitors communications worldwide and feeds information to the US so their military can choose where to do their drone strikes? The same drone strikes that have killed women, children and old people in their fight against terrorism?

What was your question again about Duterte’s fight against drugs? Sorry, I was busy watching the news about Syria.

Netizens heckled at the foreign reporter via their comments.

Jhes Gandah Rojo says:

The nerve! Natawa tlga ako kasi supalpal xa ng benggang bengga kagabi, never compare the EJK in the PH bcos what is happening in their country alone is far much worst than PH.

Chardy Bok says:

Nganga. Nabukog ang reporter na australian. Halos lamunin na ni presidente ang microphone para maintindihan niya at sampu ng mga reporters na nandoon kasinpaulit ulit ang mga tanong.

Robert Cernal Montano says:

He was so concern about the killings in the streets of our country while ignoring the airstrikes in communities of syria and iraq.

The post has been receiving positive response from netizens.

However, netizen Mao Santos looked at it differently and quote:I think it was the other way around. He did ask a very good question. This question is not for the journalist but it is for the people that doubt Duterte’s administration. He gave Duterte a chance to slap all his critics and makes us Filipinos more proud of our dear president. This was a good tandem for both of them.

What are your thoughts on this?

Source: Ira Panganiban

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