Ira Panganiban slams Rappler’s #NoPlaceForHate campaign anew on Facebook post

A post castigating the online news site Rappler for censoring the comments thread on their website is making the rounds online.

Recently, Rappler implemented an aggressive filtering system in their comments thread now known as #NoPlaceForHate campaign.

The announcement was made on August 26, leaving netizens bewildered, especially the Duterte supporters who suspected they are the ones being targeted of the radical shift in Rappler’s comments thread.

Starting today, we will be aggressively deleting crude and disrespectful posts and comments that violate standards of civility.

Rappler went on to justify its latest move, apparently to soften the impact of their action.

Debates and discourse have always been anchored on basic principles of human decency, respect, and values.

And made a litany of the type of comments that will raise the red flags of their filtering system.

We have zero tolerance for comments that curse, trash, degrade, humiliate and intimidate. Such behavior does little to inspire intelligent and informed discussion that is the foundation of a vibrant democracy.

The #NoPlaceForHate campaign of Rappler has been receiving mixed reactions from netizens. Some, welcome the news while those affected reacted strongly against it.

Ilda, writer of the blog “Get Real Post” called the Rappler move cowardly in a tweet!

IMO, journalist Ira Panganiban of Radyo Inquirer published the harshest commentary condemning the Rappler #NoPlaceForHate campaign on his latest Facebook post that read:

Hindi niyo talaga makuha ang galit ng taumbayan sa #noplaceforhate campaign ninyo ano?

Yang mga galit at nanggagaliti na posts sa Facebook, karamihan dyan galing sa mga taong naranasan na mawalan ng mahal sa buhay.

Pinatay nang holdaper ang tatay nila, ginahasa na ang kapatid nila, nalulong na sa droga ang kapatid nila at pinatay ang nanay nila.

Dumaan na sila sa sakit at hirap ng mga karanasan na yan.

Ang sinasabi nila – “Ang galing ninyo magsalita, naranasan niyo na ba?”

Kayo nga salita pa lang nanggigil na kayo sa galit, ayaw niyo na ito makita o mabasa.

Isipin ninyo sila at ang nararamdaman nila pag pinagtatanggol ninyo yung sa tingin nila ay nagdulot ng pait sa buhay nila.

Pero hindi ninyo gagawin yun! Ipipilit niyo pa din ang sa inyo. Kasi para sa inyo iba sila, mababa sila sa paningin ninyo. Hindi mangyayari sa inyo ang nangyayari sa kanila.


On one hand, netizen Mara Cepeda welcomes the news and posted the tweet below:

What can you say about Rappler’s #NoPlaceForHate campaign? Please post your comment below.

Source: Ira Panganiban


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