Ira Panganiban: Tired of this accusations of state sponsored killings when the numbers actually say it is not true!!!

I’m getting tired of this accusations of state sponsored killings when the numbers actually say it is not true!!!

This is the opening statement of the Facebook post of journalist Ira Panganiban to express his disappointment against the accusations of state sponsored killings.

“This is just for 2015 from January to June! This was published by the Philippines Star and Inquirer based on PNP released statistics,” the Radyo Inquirer mainstay continued.

According to journalist Panganiban, data reveal that in the first six months of 2015, more people were murdered compared to the numbers being attributed to Duterte’s anti-drugs campaign.

7,245 cases of murder for the first six months of 2015. That is more than the numbers being attributed to this year’s war on drugs. And take note, these were the all around kind of murders committed by all around kind of criminals.

Using the logic of de Lima and CHR, drug-related killings have increased but all around killings disappeared between July and December of 2016.

So if we go by the numbers (and Leila de Lima and CHR and UN logic) drug related deaths have increased but your all around kind of killings disappeared between July and December of 2016.

The Radyo Inquirer journalist highlighted the contrasting trends between the previous and the present administration relative to the other crime index.

Meanwhile, rape and robbery and carnaps and akyat bahay and snatching and robberies all went down by 32% in 2016 while the same crimes increased by 46% in the quoted periods.

Panganiban teased the likes of de Lima, UN and the media for their unassailable logic.

Wow!!!! The logic is unassailable!!!! Ordinary murder disappeared and was replaced by 6,800 EJK’s. Wow!!! Just wow!!!

He ended the post by sharing the links of his sources as proof that he is not inventing tall tales which you can check below:

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