Ira Panganiban’s message to Pres. Duterte: “Get rid government of cronies & start with new slate”

A post containing the message of a journalist addressed to unofficial President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has been posted online recently.

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In a Facebook post, Ira Panganiban, Editor in Chief of Wheel Philippines Magazine published his thoughts on the mistakes of the administration after People Power 1 and his message for the incoming leader of the country.

In the post, Mr. Panganiban expressed his prayer for the incoming President – learn from the lessons of 1986, get rid of cronies and cronyism and begin with a new slate.

Please read the FULL text below:

1986 was a failure because we only succeeded in replacing one form of dictatorship with another.

The woman we placed in power, sincere and kind as she may have been, only succeeded in appointing the hungry, sidelined oligarchs of pre-Martial Rule.

They who left the country, lived in America, Canada and Europe to wait for the right time to grab power, came home and did so in 1986.

From there, it became an almost steady ride downhill.

Oligarchs took control.

Service and utilities were slowly privatized and handed to powerful families.

Hospitals became private endeavors. Highway building favored toll roads instead of government projects. Power distribution is now in the hands of family corporations. Media became the province of the rich boys. Telecom is a duopoly.

But the most painful part is that the government positions that should be regulating these private businesses, public utilities and services were given to relatives of these powerful families.

The name of the game for the last 30 years was cronyism. They really learned well from the martial rule period.
My prayer today, as we chant change, is for this not to happen again.

I beg presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte to rid his government of cronies. Because this early the signs are already there.

Please sir, you promised us peace and order, service, discipline, stability, progress.

Please sir, let us begin again.

30 years later and we are given another chance, the way we are given one every 6 years.

Please President Duterte, let’s give it our biggest try to do it right this time.

We were there at the beginning, we are here for you now, let’s be together until the end of our mission.

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