Irate Atty. Bruce Rivera tells Florida Senator Marco Rubio “only a moron can be fooled by a fool” in an open letter

On October 16, 2017, Trillanes boarded Philippine Airlines Flight 102 bound for Los Angeles, triggering speculation on social media what the senator is up.

Credits to Thinking Pinoy for the photo

But thanks to US Senator Marco Rubio’s tweet on Tuesday, October 17, the public now know what Sen. Trillanes’ US trip is all about.

The ever sassy Atty. Bruce Rivera took to Facebook posting an open letter addressed to Sen. Marco Rubio with the message to the Florida senator not to meddle in the internal affairs of an ndependent country like the Philippines.

In anger, Rivera reminded the Florida senator that the Philippines has not said anything about Florida’s illegal drug problem, citing 53.3% of their middle school students have tried drugs.

Atty. Rivera’s post read:

Dear Senator Rubio,

Let me make this very, very clear. The Philippines is an independent state thus, openly twitting about your conversation with a Senator who has no credibility at this point to talk about corruption and protecting human rights only shows that you are the problem. Only a moron can be fooled by a fool.

You see, we manage our own affairs in the same way you manage your affairs. The state you represent, Florida has a 53.3% rate of middle school students who have tried drugs. And we do not call you out on that. Your state has been the entry point for drugs from the Latin Americas and we do not judge you on that. And yet, you shelved our PNP contract for the purchase of guns because you only listened to a senator known for making up stories and fabricating witnesses. The US comprises 5% of the world population but 25% of the people in jails are Americans majority of whom are Blacks and Latinos. If you cannot protect your own kind, do not branch out to a country whose information you know of is from a rebel-turned-senator.

It is so hypocritical.

Netizen Rose echoes Rivera’s sentiment. “Sen. Marco Rubio b4 u mess up outside ur state be sure to clean ur own backyard first! Don’t attempt to make a monkey business with SCUMBAG LIAR TRILLANES! 😈😈😈😈”

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