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Irate netizen accuses BOC personnel of intentionally damaging water chalk filter!

Even before the Bureau of Customs can fully recover from the bashing it receives from the Belinda Copioso fiasco, another controversy has gone viral after a netizen posted photos of the damaged water filter sent by his mother-in-law from Kuwait via a freight company.

On September 12, 2105, in a fit of disgust, Caloy del Rosario posted 2 photos that show the unusable 6 sets of water chalk filter the family received from his Kuwait-based in-law. Let me direct your attention to the image below.

He further wrote that the BOC personnel/s might have suspected that the water chalk filter contained contraband materials hidden inside due to ignorance, thus breaking all of it only to find out that their suspicion was uncalled for.

He ended his post by urging his friends and the netizens to share his post so that this will reach the higher authorities. Check the screen capture of the original post below.

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