Irate netizen calls out GMA News for asking to use his photos for free despite earning $millions from YouTube alone?

A photojournalist is someone who lets his pictures tells the story or the news.

But in the case of freelance photojournalist Ezra Acayan, he needs to do the talking in behalf of his pictures or images whom he rightfully believed has been a victim of grave injustice by billion peso company multimedia company.

In a Facebook post published on the 13th of November 2020, Acayan angrily called out GMA News and GMA Public Affairs to tell them that he is done being nice. Turned out, one of GMA News producers asked him to use his photos for free but promised to give him proper credit which he said with confidence that GMA News has also done to fellow local photojournalist and content creators. He reckoned GMA News has raked in millions of dollars in revenues via its local and international airing of programs but they can’t offer to pay photographers?

“GMA News GMA Public Affairs I’m done being nice. This is the nth time your producers approached me asking for free pictures, and I’m sure you practice the same on other photographers and content creators. Your programs that have “local and international airing” with “online platforms and multiple replays” make millions, so why can’t you offer to pay photographers?”

Acayan went on to reveal what many photojournalist like him have to go through to produce images worthy for newspaper front pages and social media posts.

“Many photographers invest their own time, equipment, and expenses, and put themselves in danger to produce these pictures.”

Acayan also shared the plight of fellow photojournalists who are paid very low despite spending more to produce such images but GMA News wants to use images for free? Acayan remarked the time has come to end this practice.

“Madaming photographer abonado na tapos kakarampot lang bayad sa kanila, tapos kayo gusto niyo free lang? This predatory practice has to end.”

Acayan ended his FB post giving netizens an idea how much GMA News and other news media company earn from their YouTube channels to justify his call for news media companies to pay him and other photojournalists proper dues.

“Edit: Just to give you an idea of how much money this network is making, their two YouTube channels alone have a combined following of 33.4 million followers raking in tens of billions of views. A billion views is worth more or less $1,000,000 (yes dollars). This excludes their TV programs, radio, and all other revenue they make from advertising.”

Based on the screenshots below, Acayan turned down the request of the GMA News researcher.


Source: Ezra Acayan

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