Irate netizen sends strong message to Robredo, fellow Pinoys predicting PH becoming a Republic of China? Calls ’em “plastic” in FB post

It doesn’t help that our very own VP, albeit there is a election protest, is one of those public officials who are issuing public statements that are anti-Chin*se.

Her social media supporters, taking this as the cue, have been spreading memes with the intention of arousing anti-Chine$e sentiments on social media.

An irate netizen named Maricar Serrano sent a strong message to people predicting Philippines becoming a Republic of China because of the influx of Chinese tourists or businessmen wanting to open a business in the country.

In a Facebook post, an apparently annoyed Serrano lashed at Sin*phobic Filipinos, mostly trolls from the opposition, telling them to quit because it is obvious they were just fanning anti-Chin@ sentiments when they are silent on foreign folks coming to our shores.

Serrano asked where were they when the Koreans started the PH invasion by throngs? The assorted white folks flooding our red light districts for decades now? And worse, they even patronize their trendy foreign food craze (white folks putting up restos) and kill*ng our kababayan’s Mom and Pop food biz.

Serrano ended the FB post by asking Sinoph*bic Pinoys on their stance if they were offered a grand deal just to work in China? Accept it o not?

You may read Maricar Serrano’s full FB post below.

Please quit predicting the Philippines becoming the Republic of China, when you never took a jab at them other countless foreign folks pouring in.

Ang plastik mo eh.

Where were your paranoid rants when the Koreans were coming in here by the throngs? Why don’t you mind them assorted white folks flooding our red light districts for decades now? How come you even insanely patronize them trendy foreign food craze (which trumps your kababayan’s lowly food biz)?

If your kapraningan is indeed coming from unadulterated patriotism…

Why don’t you criticize our own migrating kababayans of their possible creation of Republics of Pinoy abroad? They sure leave our soil like as if it is plagued. Pero tingin mo doon, moving to greener pasture dba?

What if you were offered a grand deal just to work in China? Ano na stance mo sa issue mo?

Putah, panahon pa yata ng dinosaurs, may Chinese na tayo dito. And tangina mo.. ikaw mismo, mukhang chekwa. Tapos kung makadakdak ka dyan…

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