Irate netizen wants senate defunded not NTF-ELCAC because of Grace Poe’s fake news?

“Alam nyo Peeps, ang SENADO talaga ang dapat ma DEFUND eh.”

This is the opening salvo of radio host and blogger Mark Lopez in his latest rant on Facebook in reaction to a senator whom he accused of spreading fake news.

On Facebook, Lopez wrote: “Putres naman, pati Senadora ngayon mismo, nagpapakalat ng FAKE NEWS!”

“Seriously, bakit panay ang atake ni Trapoe sa mga transport programs ng Duterte admin?” Lopez asked his FB followers.

Lopez alleged that the lady senator was making an issue out of nothing.

“Kahit walang issue, ginagawan ng issue?”

Why? Because Lopez alleged the lady senator wants to play hero ball in the transport sector, at the expense of government service.

“Para ano? Para magbida sa transport sector, at the expense of government service?”

Lopez addressed the senator by now, telling her that he knows her staffs are competent and even respected them. In other words, Lopez accused Poe of masterminding the stunt not her staffs.

“Madam Trapoe, alam ko maayos ang staff nyo at mahusay yang mga yan sa Completed Staff Work. Alam ko napaka competent nyang mga yan, at kahit papaano, respetado ko ang COS mo.”

On the issue of PUB Service Contract Program, Lopez claimed that the senator’s staffs were aware of the figures. Besides, they could have called the concerned agency or agencies to validate.

“Dito sa usaping PUV Service Contract program, alam ng staff mo ang totoong disbursement figures. Tsaka sus naman, andaling tawagan ng DOTR o LTFRB para i-validate yan.”

“Pero kailangan mo talaga magbida bida?” an exasperated Lopez asked Poe.

Lopez asked if she agree with him that the correct way of disbursing funds is based on proof compliance?

“Tsaka pucha naman Madam, hindi ba ang tamang paraan ng pag disburse eh may basehan o proof of compliance, hindi yung basta mo papakawalan ang bilyon bilyon without seeing kung naibigay nga ba ung serbisyo na dapat gampanan?”

Lopez went to explain the mechanics of the program. Basically, there are to two aspects to it. One, interested PUV drivers need to sign up. Two, upon enrolling the program, they will receive one-time payment.

“Eh yang Service Contracting program, dalawang aspeto yan. Yung actual participation ng mga PUV drivers, na kailangan mag sign up sila kung sila ay interesado, at pagka enroll nila, may one time payment kagad.”

Lopez continued that in the program proper, the driver is paid is per kilometer, which only happened after kilometer reading. The other method to establish the kilometer run is when the route of the trip has already been established. But, validating the actual run is necessary.

“Tapos, sa program proper, eh ang sistema, per kilometer run ang bayad so syempre, makukuha nila ang bayad after submitting their kilometerage reading. Ngayon puede naman ma establish na ang kilometer run kung established na yung ruta ng byahe, pero syempre naman kelangan pa rin ng validation ng actual run.”

Lopez remarked that Senator Poe’s proposal to release billions of taxpayers money without any proof of service provided is unacceptable. He can’t help but ask if the senator is accustomed to having ghost projects that is why she wants the DOTr to implement her proposal?

“Mahirap naman yang gusto mo Madam na ilabas ang bilyon kagad! Sanay ka ba sa mga ghost projects kaya ganyan style ang gusto mo? Yung tipong kahit walang output, bibigay mo ang hard-earned taxpayer money?”

Lopez predicted how Poe will use the situation to emerge as the triumphant hero in the end.

“Tapos ano, sa huli, ikaw din ang kukuda at papapel ka naman na Auditor and Fiscalizer, tapos papa hearing ka na naman kung nasan ang pondo?”

Lopez could only say these words as compliment to the wicked brilliance of Poe’s plan.

“Grabe Madam ang pabibo mo.

Walang panalo sa iyo ah.”



Alam nyo Peeps, ang SENADO talaga ang dapat ma DEFUND eh. Putres naman, pati Senadora ngayon mismo, nagpapakalat ng…

Posted by Mark Lopez on Friday, May 7, 2021

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