Irate Pinay employee of cruise ship liner demands public apology from ABS-CBN reporter for peddling “fake news”

A certain ABS-CBN reporter named Michael Joe Delizo is in hot water after a Pinay employee of an Norwegian cruise ship accused him of peddling fake news.

The Pinay cruise ship employee using the handle Mharj Osomreh has taken to Facebook demanding public apology and the ABS-CBN reporter to correct his misleading story.

An irate Mharj Osomreh remarked this is one of the reasons why she hates Philippine news and ABS-CBN.

Mharj Osomreh was particularly incensed at the caption used ABS-CBN reporter Michael Joe Delizo that the 800+ Filipinos working in covid-19 hit cruise ships from America are finally home.

Mharj Osomreh said that as soon as covid-19 hit the headlines, their ships immediately implemented full ship sanitation as per Center for Disease Control and Prevention standards.

And as of this writing, the employees of the said cruise ships have been quarantined for more than 2 weeks, awaiting to be flown home. Once they arrived in the Philippines, she and 800+ Filipinos will spend another 14 days in a hotel before they can finally go home to their respective families.

Mharj Osomreh said if they were made to choose between staying put in the ship and going home, majority of them would prefer the former because they feel safer on the ship.

Mharj Osomreh ended the FB post saying that what the ABS-CBN reporter did is giving Filipinos something to fear about, painting them in a bad picture notwithstanding the stigma the ABS-CBN reporter has created will not be tolerated.

You may read the original FB post below now.

Attention: Michael Joe Delizo

This is one of the many reasons why I f*ckin hate watching Philippine news, oh hello ABS-CBN!!!!.

A reporter who does not do his research very well is worse than creating panic, fear, anxiety. For your information, and to feed you with the right one Mr. Pea brain, these cruise ships namely Norwegian Dawn and Norwegian Encore had no cases of COVID 19, like ZERO, null, nada.

Verify your reports first before making assumptions and spreading hate amongst people. I suggest that you interview our manning agency or the principal itself.

Another FYI, we have been doing full ship sanitation since the news about COVID19 started, we strictly follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention standards, other than that, cruise ships are evaluated by USPH whether internal or external to make sure it is safe not only for the guests but also for the crew. Sanitizing is a norm.

We have sacrificed being quarantined on the ship even without a case for more than 2 weeks now, awaiting to be flown home so we can again get quarantined for another 14 days in a hotel, until then we can be with our families.

Majority of us would even choose to stay on board as it is way safer here than on land. With your kind of reporting, you have just given our fellow Filipinos something to fear about. You have painted a bad picture about us. And the stigma you have created will not and never be tolerated.

Headline translation: About 800+ Filipinos from different cruise ships that has been infected with COVID19 from America have just arrived.

It is JUST right and FAIR to demand a public apology and a correction to this misleading info.


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Source: Mharj Osomreh

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