Ironic! After bashing American government hypocrisy, Duterte earns praise from an American

Ironic! After bashing the American government, Duterte earns the praise of an American who expressed his admiration for the President in viral video.

Early dawn, August 21, Sunday, President Duterte held a press conference for the local and foreign reporters to update the people on the burning issues of the day.

Mr. Miller, a UK Journalist based in Asia confronted Duterte about the rumors that he unleashed a government-sponsored death squad to kill the criminals without facing any legal processes.

The number of people being killed in the Philippines has risen since you came into power…when are the killings going to end?

The President took the pains to explain to the British journalist that the police are now more inspired to put their lives on the line because they know that President is behind them. He said this is not the case in past administrations.

Duterte cited his experience as a Mayor of Davao City wherein he provided legal support whenever the policeman is facing charges in court while doing his job. He said, in the Philippine context, the criminals would often file counter-charges against the policeman to harass them.

He continued that the prospect of his family going hungry because of the automatic suspension that comes with the territory makes a policeman soft towards the criminals.

The President told the British journalist that times have changed for the better for the police and the military since he is backing them up when they do their jobs within the bounds of the law. If they abuse their power, then it is another story.

He goaded the foreign journalist to check the facts on the local courts to understand where he is coming from.

When Mr. Miller tried to corner the President by insisting that his approach in the anti-drugs campaign is wrong by invoking the principle that a suspect is deemed innocent until proven guilty, Duterte insists that it is his duty as the President of the country to protect the welfare of his people by using the police and the military against the drug problem in the country that has already reached the pandemic proportion.

Compare the number deaths of the drug personalities on my administration to the previous administration, and you will realize that the number of deaths was the same. It’s just that, those who were killed in the past were the innocent ones.

At this juncture, the British journalist interjected the President and said, “at the risk of gang law Sir?”

The President told the British journalist that it can happen. It happened in America (US). At this point, the incidents of black Americans being shot to death simply because of the color of their skin was brought up.

The President asked the journalist if the killings of blacks in America is any different in the killings in the Philippines. Duterte told the British journalist that the killings are just as appalling but why are they not making an issue out of it.

The issue of bombings in the Middle East as a result of the American-led war against “terrorism” was also brought up. He cited the iconic Syrian boy whose photo went viral recently as another example of a Western double standard. The bombings of entire communities in the Middle East resulting in hundreds of civilian deaths is just one of the few examples that Duterte raised to prove his point Western countries and the United Nations have turned a blind eye while calling out the killings happening under his administration in the war on drugs.

Meanwhile, President Duterte’s style of leadership has been drawing positive responses from netizens and surprisingly even among non-Filipinos.

The video below will prove my point. An American guy posted a video expressing his admiration for Duterte.

Duterte: I am supposed to empower the police and military as P…

Journalist to Duterte: The number of people being killed in the Philippines has risen since you came into power…when are the killings going to end? | LIVE

Posted by CNN Philippines on Saturday, August 20, 2016

Video courtesy of John Arceneaux:

The video of Mr. John Arceneaux has received postive responses from netizens and has since been viewed half a million times as of this writing.

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