Is Jay Sonza, pro-BBM in 2022 election campaign, turning his back on PBBM and his administration?

In reaction to the “house arrest” idea allegedly offered by the PBBM administration to detained former Senator Leila Delima, retired broadcaster and YouTuber Jay Sonza did not hide his disappointment in a recent Facebook post.

If you’d recall, Jay Sonza was one of the leading influencers and political blogger on Facebook and Twitter who campaigned for BBM in the 2022 presidential election.

But in the wake of the Camp Crame incident last Sunday, Sonza is showing some signs of frustrations at the PBBM admin and even wrote a sarcastic post praising PBBM who tweeted he will speak to Delima and see how she was after the hostage drama in Camp Crame and if she wishes to be transferred to another facility for her safety.

Sonza remarked that justice is for the famous and arrogant people of the Philippines.

Sonza cited Delima and Vhong Navarro as prime examples of his point.

However, there is another kind of justice for ordinary Filipinos.

If an ordinary Pinoy murdered another person or broke in someone’s house and stole something and the case is non-bailable, for sure Juan dela Cruz is going to an overcrowded and filthy city jail.

You may now read Jay Sonza’s original FB post below.


Kaso ni ex-senator. ex-justice secretary. at ex-human rights chairperson Leila de Lima na illegal drug trading ay non-bailable (walang piyansa). Nakakulong sa isang special detention cell sa loob ng Camp Crame, pero malamang ay maauwi sa house arrest na lamang.

Kasong panggagahasa at panghahalay ni television host and movie actor Ferdinand “Vhong: Navarro non-bailable. Nasa protective custody ng National Bureau of Investigation.


Kasong panloob at pagpatay ni JUAN DELA CRUZ at iba pang ordinaryong Pilipino non-bailable din o walang piyansa. Direcho kalaboso sa mga over crowded at mala-pusaling City Jail.

Only in the Philippines!

Does this sound to you Jay Sonza is turning his back on PBBM and his administration if and when the rumor PBBM admin offered Leila Delima the option to be placed under house arrest is true and Delima accepts offer? Tell me what you think by commenting below.

Source: Jay Sonza

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