Is Leni Robredo immune from suit? Fearless lawyer answers this million dollar question amid sedition raps hanging over VP’s neck!

While the opposition critics of PRRD dismissed the sedition raps among others filed versus Leni Robredo and company as political harassment and meant to silence opposition, others like lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles talked about whether the VP is immune from suit or not?

In a Facebook post, Angeles discussed two school of thoughts regarding the immunity of the VP from suit.

First theory, the VP is immune from suit because she is an impeachable official. This is according the Supreme Court, you cannot do indirectly what you can do directly.

For example, a Supreme Court Justice is necessarily a lawyer, right? An SC justice cannot be removed other than impeachment. Likewise, a disbarment case cannot be filed versus an SC justice because they can be indirectly removed from one’s position in the Supreme Court.

The second theory, the Vice President can be sued or he or she is not immune from suit because the Constitution did not say so.

In other words, the Constitution did not say the VP is immune from suit, therefore the VP can be sued but whatever the outcome of the case, she retains her position.

You may start reading Trixie Cruz-Angeles FB post now.

Immune ba si VP?

May dalawang schools of thought diyan. Isa, dahil impeachable official siya, immune siya dahil ayon sa pinaka mataas na hukuman, you cannot do indirectly what you cannot do directly.

Halimbawa,kailangan lawyer ang Supreme Court Justice. Hindi matatanggal ang isang justice ng Korte Suprema maliban lang sa impeachment. So di rin sila pwedeng kasuhan ng disbarment kasi matatanggal sila indirectly sa pwesto.

Yung second theory ay pwedeng kasuhan, o hndi immune ang vice president dahil hndi necessarily immunity ang sinasabi ng saligang batas. Ibig sabihn, since walang sinabi sa constitution na immune si VP, maaari siyang kasuhan,pero di lang siya maaaring tanggalin sa pwesto.

So pwede siyang makulong pero VP pa rin siya.

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