Is Leni Robredo liable for graft for conducting meetings, OVP staffs doing Angat Buhay NGO related stuffs in the OVP?

Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan of the Luminous believed outgoing Vice President Leni Robredo is liable for graft for using government resources to organize her would be NGO.

Atty. Ahmed made the ‘graft case’ remark in reaction to the FB post of fellow Luminous admin Adrian Pascual who alleged that the Office of Vice President has served as venue for meetings, the OVP socmed pages for press release and the OVP staff to do the works related to the soon-to-be launched Angat Buhay NGO of the outgoing Vice President.

Pascual speculated that since the Angat Buhay NGO will be launched on June 30th, it is unlikely the outgoing VP will hire outsiders to prepare for the launching of her NGO.

Pascual admitted that the OVP staffs are not prohibited to do tasks related to her NGO but doing NGO-related stuffs during office hours is.

And Leni being the head of the NGO is technically has no definite office hours like the President because anytime, she can become President and assume the office of the President and therefore, she is expected to be working 24/7 for the government.

Pascual clarified that doing this is not overacting or inconsiderate but since they call themselves “disente” and prided themselves as public service par excellence, they need to be measured to the highest standards which they claimed to adhere to.

You may now read Adrian Pascual’s original FB post below.

Balita eh ginagamit ang office (OVP) for meetings? OVP socmed pages for PR? Staff to do the works? Totoo ba?

Kung mag launch sila sa June 30th eh alangan naman outsider mga gagawa diba? Hindi naman bawal na staff niya din mga gagawa (prepare) pero hindi dapat sa oras ng OVP duty nila, diba? At si Leni as the head ng NGO anong oras niya ginagamit niya for that? Ang oras ng VP eh technically walang oras gaya ng sa presidente kasi anytime pwede kang magging presidente at mag assume ng office and therefore 24/7 dapat nakalaan sa gobyerno oras mo. Hindi naman tayo nagiging OA dito at nagiging inconsiderate dito pero hello sila ang mga “disente” at maayos mag serbisyo sa gobyerno diba? Kaya need silang imeasure sa pinaka mataas na standards na pinapalabas nila na meron sila.

Fair lang naman, diba?

VP Leni Robredo meeting with convenors of Alab Para Kay Leni (ALAB) and members of Net Army Para sa Bayan (NAPB) to talk about her NGO.


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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