Is Leni Robredo’s Angat Buhay NGO a ploy to keep her politically relevant in the next few years so she can be made to run again?

I don’t know if former Vice President Leni Robredo is just being competitive but a day after President Bongbong Marcos was officially inaugurated as the country’s 17th President, she just launched her Angat Buhay NGO.

Many Duterte and Marcos supporters can’t help but question the motives of Leni Robredo’s NGO and think she is doing this to stay politically relevant until the next election and run again for President.

Staunch Duterte supporter and Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu perfectly captured the sentiment of the Duterte and Marcos supporters in her latest Facebook post.

Chu said the only way Leni Robredo’s NGO will change her perception that it is for her political plans in the future is when she and her followers will work quietly in the background, sans the fanfare and stop making it appear they are better than the government like what she did to the Duterte government.

Chu cited UNICEF and Tzu Chi as prime examples of NGOs who help the people without fanfare just like what they did in Yolanda-ravaged communities in the Visayas.

Until then, she will not stop thinking Leni Robredo’s NGO is not really to help but to keep her in the news and in the minds of the public until the next election.

You may now read Ms. Chu’s original FB post below.

Paano daw ba malalaman na totoong NGO Yung kay Leni Robredo dahil mabuti ang puso nya, at gusto nya tumulong, and not to keep her politically relevant in the next few years so she can be made to run again?

Ganito: When she helps and does not compete with the government. When she helps and her followers won’t say, ”Nauna pa kami kay Marcos,” the way she did with Duterte. When her followers help without making it appear that they’re better people than Marcos supporters. When they help quietly and without fanfare.

There are MANY NGOs in the Philippines and many helped during the Duterte admin—but not ONE made it appear that they were competing with Duterte. Only Leni Robredo and her followers and supporters would help and then make everything a competition. When UNICEF comes, they help without fanfare. They also have donors they need to be accountable to, but they can make a report internally.

Tell me honestly, is there any one NGO (as in NON GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION) that blasts the government if it were first on the ground instead of government, or that competes with the government?

Tzu Chi almost single-handedly and consistently saved Leyte post Yolanda and not one peep from them about the massive f*ckup of Aquino administration.

So if Leni Robredo and her followers can be quiet and dignified in their mission to help in the next few years, then I will admit that I am wrong in thinking that this NGO is nothing but a ploy to make her politically relevant. That this isn’t a way to continually undermine the current government as they did the Duterte government. That this isn’t a way to show off what Leni can do to prepare her in 2028 against Sara.

I want to know that an NGO (a group that exists because it isn’t and shouldn’t be connected to government) will not be used as a tool in a long game being played by Liberal Party acolytes to rebuild their decimated party.

Marunong naman ako tumanggap na mali ako—but I am confident na hindi. Makikita natin yan sa next 6 years. Sana nga kahit one time wala akong marinig na yabang o kwenta.

Sana mali ako. Sana tama kayo.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chua


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