Is PEOPLE POWER driving force behind BBM’s presidency? This political blogger thinks so. Read why!

The admin of the FB page AllWrite has offered an intriguing theory that the driving force behind BBM’s candidacy is PEOPLE POWER.

To back up this theory, AllWrite headed to YouTube to look at the views generated by Boy Abunda’s interview of BBM versus the video of the Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews streamed on GMA Public Affairs official YouTube account.

To his surprised, Boy Abunda’s interview with BBM generated 4.7M views in just 20 hours compared to the Jessica Soho Presidential Interview which generated 6M views in 3 days. Yes, 3 days.

To think that the GMA Public Affairs official YouTube channel which streamed The Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews has 17.9 million subscribers compared to The Boy Abunda channel with only 1.18 million subscribers.

AllWrite argued that if people are really interested to hear from what the other candidates has to say or offer, Jessica Soho’s interview should easily get 5 times the number of what BBM’s interview with Boy Abunda is generating.

AllWrite further argued that more views generally means more interests. More interests means more people are paying attention, which is precisely what the UniTeam of BBM and Sara is advocating: UNITY AMONG FILIPINOS.

You may now read AllWrite’s original FB post below.

The Boy Abunda Channel only has 1.18M subscribers, but Bongbong Marcos interview alone already garnered 4.7M views in just 20 hours.

GMA Public Affairs, which features The Jessica Soho Interview with the Top 5 Presidential Candidates, has 17.9M subscribers, but as you can see only 6M views in three days.

This convinces me that the driving force behind BBM’s presidency is PEOPLE POWER! !

If people are truly interested in hearing from the other presidential candidates, Jessica Soho’s interview views should be five times higher. But, that’s not the case.

More views generally means more interests. More interest indicates that more people are paying attention. This is precisely what the Uniteam2022 advocates: UNITY AMONG ITS PEOPLE.

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Source: AllWrite

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