“Is this even the post of an academic?” Manila Bulletin writer retorts to GMA News resident analyst “pasang-awa Beshie-loving Mayor” remark vs PRRD

GMA News resident political analyst Richard Heydarian has always been critical of PRRD’s to pivot to China policy but quick to heap praise on the President when he was doing a good job.

But lately, the GMA News resident political analyst has been dissing the President, to the extent that the attack versus PRRD from Heydarian can be described as below the belt.

Check out the screen grab photo of Heydarian’s condescending remark vs PRRD while propping up the the stock of Justice Carpio.

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Heydarian’s remark vs. PRRD has earned him the ire of the DDS, including Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu whose latest Facebook post might give us insight what

It used to be that Richard Heydarian at least tried to be coherent and intellectual before his debate with Sass, when he was tagged closet Dutertard.

Now to erase that misconception, he’s swinging wildly, without regard to hitting his own image as an academic and intellectual.

I don’t know if he’s talking down to his followers, trying to find a new niche of what he thinks are less educated followers, trying to find a new voice (flippant but intellectual which is not working), or just desperately clawing out of the Dutertard association?

Is this even the post of an academic? To reduce Duterte as a simple pasang awa Mayor. Heydarian should be careful.

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