Is Tony Carpio related to Rody Duterte? Magkaano-ano ba sila? — Jay Sonza

“Is Tony Carpio related to Rody Duterte? Magkaano-ano ba sila?”

Did it ever cross your mind?

Finally we can now tick this off from our so-called bucket list. Thanks to retire broadcaster Jay Sonza for today’s FB status update.

As usual, Sonza used Taglish as the medium to present the trivia to his FB followers, mixing wit and humor to entertain and keep the readers hook until the last sentence.

On Facebook, Sonza wrote:

* Both grew up in Davao City.

Tony played under the Santol tree planted by Division School Superindent Sol in the downtown area, kaya mahilig siya sa sarili.

* Rody learned how to fish along Ulas river near their house at Central Park Subdivision. Kaya magaling mamingwit.

* Si Tony may lahing Aklanon at Tagalog.

* Si Rody may lahing Sugbohanon at Maranaw, pero pinanganak sa Leyte.

* Tony and Conchita’s brother is the father of Rody’s son-in-law Mans, married to his eldest Sara. In short, balae ni Digong iyong utol ni Onyot at Conching.

* Ang asawa ni Tony ay purong Vietcong/Vietnamese kaya hindi niya maupakan ang Vietnam na mas maraming inangkin isla at batuhan sa South China Sea kaysa China.

* Ang asawa ngayon ni Rody purong Pilipino, nurse at negosyante ng Donut Bai.

Jay Sonza’s post has been a huge hit among his FB followers, in less than hour since he published it, the post has generated over 2,000+ reactions, 210 shares and 114 comments and counting.

Commenting on the thread, one netizen wrote: “Very informative.”

A second netizen chimed in: “I am really amused the way you present the information. Thank you”

“Thank you po sa info Sir! Masarap talaga, makapagsubaybay at makipagkaibigan sa mga matatalinong tao tulad nyo. Pinapataba mo ang utak nsmin! 😂 a thankful netizen commented.

Meanwhile, this netizen just learned that former SC Associate Justice Carpio and Ombudsman Carpio Morales are siblings. “Magkapatid pala sina Antonio Carpio at Conchita Carpio- Morales. No wonder. Now we know. Thanks sir Jay Sonza. Purong dilaw mga ngipin nila. Puera gaba.”

“Ay mag kapatid pala yung 2kala ko same surname lng” wrote another.



Is Tony Carpio related to Rody Duterte? Magkaano-ano ba sila? * Both grew up in Davao City. Tony played under the…

Posted by Jay Sonza on Thursday, May 6, 2021

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