Is Yorme Isko Moreno astroturfing? Making himself look more popular than he really is?

In reaction to President Duterte’s critical remarks of some LGUs handling of the covid vaccination drive wherein people are unnecessarily exposed to the elements while lining up for their vaccine jabs, Yorme Isko Moreno responded by calling the President’s criticism some kind of a smokescreen.

Yorme Isko said that it is his personal opinion, since the issue has not been discussed out in the open in government agencies and that the Duterte administration are saying different things to create a smokescreen. Meaning? The Duterte administration is saying this and that to sow confusion among those who are looking in, to blur the eyes of the public.

On that note, Atty. Trixie of the Luminous wasted no time to make a reaction post to Yorme Isko Moreno’s “smokescreen” statement.

Atty. Trixie, in a sarcastic tone, called Yorme cute. She said it was Yorme whose PR is in overdrive with 24-hour coverage.

“Kyut talaga si Yorme. Siya nga itong over sa over yung PR. Siya nga yung naka 24 hour coverage. Siya nga may political strategist, consultants, advisers at gimmik.”

“Tapos reklamo siya sa SMOKESCREEN?” an apparently annoyed Atty. Trixie asked.

Atty. Trixie retaliated by accusing Yorme Isko of astroturfing since it’s election time. Just because others are also using the same style, Yorme was triggered?

“Eh since elections dami nyo na pong astroturfing, making yourself look more popular than you really are. Now na tingin nyo ginagawa ng iba… pikon agad?”

Atty. Trixie ended the FB post by leaving Yorme with an unsolicited advice. Otherwise, he is such a noob to the game hence he is easily triggered?

“Play the game, mayor. Asar talo sa ganitong laro. Or maybe masyado ka pang baguhan na kayang kaya kayo i-trigger?”

As of this writing, the Luminous FB post has generated 12,000+ reactions, 2,600+ comments and 476 shares in less than 24 hours and counting.

Netizens quickly dived into the comment section to share their opinion on the matter.

Premature PR is not always good because there is always a risk the client believes the fake popularity will go to his/her head.

“Its a lesson that needs to be learned and understood, too much early PR will create swell headedness that when the bubble burst will become a hard pill to swallow! Watch and learn!”

“Over-exposure and peaking too soon! Delikado yan unless he is the “real deal” like what he seems to think of himself. As for me, I just see him as too over rated,” said another netizen.

“Tolonges ka YORME need mo pa talaga explain ang smoke screen. Di kami shunga. Ikaw ang saksakan ng epal. Di ka nga sumikat noon sa showbiz, nalaos ka agad,” an irate netizen told Yorme.

“Lakas maka project! Mayor, ang ibig sabihin ng projection e isang defense mechanism kung saan, yung mga qualities o mga ginagawa mo na ayaw mo sa sarili mo, pupunain mo sa iba. Baka lang di mo alam. Nag po project ka,” chimed in another netizen.


Source: The Luminous

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